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This Nazareth Nincompoop Gets Neutralized

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georgetrynamakeajug says:

that was a cell phone he picked up john..he might still have the knife ..he looked at it a few times then put it in his pocket

Zoti Dazoti says:

From what I have been able to read about it, it happened in the entrance to the “Big” shopping area (that the name of the shopping area) in Nazareth which is by the way, not a disputed area but a city in Israel which is one of the “mixed” cities with a population of both Arabs and Jews.

I couldn’t find info of this was a terrorist attack or some sort of a personal attack.

ricky gore says:

He was still resisting at the end of the video.
Tries to shrimp out and gets a over hook.
It can't be excessive if it hasn't managed to stop him.


To bad we couldn’t see his health bar! Wonder how close he got to dying? I say he got down to 9%

Refresh2b says:

So this is what happens when the bad guy doesn't have a firearm huh? An education and a degree in stupid.

Chance Paladin says:

Some say he's still there getting re-educated.

carlos alejandro says:

Don't bring a knife to a drummers festival.

Kamalakrsna Devi says:

@ that point yur punishing. YEAAAAAA guy pre-meditated a deadly attack. so now: 3 hots & a cot 4 a few years??? no – that guy needs a lesson… Also: branding on the head 4 the future possibilities. use his knife put an X on forehead 2 warn people.

RL S says:

Props to the third guy in white who just jumped in there

Williamcbelieve says:

They just ended this guys life. That’s why the video cuts off.

Jai A says:

Dude dropped the knife after the first swing

eQc says:

pretty sure the guy in black is holding his phone at the start and drops it at 0:37, not sure they retrieved the knife in this clip

fullmetal25 says:

Well looks like he wont be able to study for the retake test.

Ron Tailwind says:

Good thing you stopped the video, it looks like he was choking the crap out that guy. The flailing legs are good indicator that he is about to pass out

MrQbenDanny says:

"Let's all manage our emotions", can't believe you said that. Have you been to Israel? This happens EVERYDAY.
These checkpoints usually have armed with guns staff. They should have shot him dead. That guy wanted to kill.

Zed King says:

All the good guys in this video did not know how to punch 🙂

Rod Fromleftfield says:

At 4:02, the plumber has excellent ground control!

ThinkinGuy says:

let me give you some background… Palestinians attacking Israelis is different then run of the mill knife attacks. it's terrrorism… so the educational beatdown is greater than usuaul.

That White Subie says:

He losses it at 37 seconds right before the guy in black grabs him you see it hit the floor then the guy went for a punch without the knife looks like if that was the knife the guy picked up after

George Chapman says:

3:48 the big guy rips the knife outta his hands…x0.25 it then those are not punches…

Hog Shark says:

Ordered 3 times from GunMagWarehouse, highly recommend.

citationau says:

Im pretty sure the guy wearing black picks up the ciminal's wallet and takes the cash as you see something in his left hand. Haha additional score😊

George Chapman says:

Bet he won't do that again…bet he won't even think about doing it again…

Roha Waha says:

None of the three defenders seemed to have a problem with the head stomping , Americans need to adopt the same attitude with terrorist.

rafi.rifath says:

Maybe the knive didn't penetrate the mans belly, it bounces back

Hog Shark says:

JOHN!!!! I found a new video for you to break down!!!! ——

Arusha Mix says:

I was afraid when the black t shirt guy picked up that knife, I thought he was going to stab him.

TheSpoiler001 says:

That perp got hisself a Central Park beatdown!

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