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This Is Why Compliance Is Not A Foolproof Strategy

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Wulfseig says:

This one got to me. Rest in peace and bless your family and doggo.

andoo805 says:

The linked news stories report that the time was not yet 7:00 pm when the victim was shot walking his dog.

TubeDeviant says:

This is so disgusting.. My goodness. The definition of parasites. Guy can't even walk with the dog without worrying about getting shot and killed. Over what..?? Did he even have any cash when he's just walking with his dog..?? He probably only had his phone.. Maybe a few bucks.

Mysterious MM says:

Philadelphia is starting to look a lot like Chicago. The mayor and the Chief of Police need to go. Guns are running rampant on the streets and ATV’s are terrorizing people

Empty Zone says:

thats a hate crime right there and anybody else not seeing whats going on is an idiot.

OldSchool Jeremy says:

Philly good evening.

Empty Zone says:

i truly wonder what perps in this video got in common with nearly all other perps from different videos i think anybody smart enough would know.

Yep says:

Fuck liberal control!!! This is the result of liberals in control! Duh!!!

Yep says:

He had no choice except don't live in liberal control! I just wish he was in a position to kill both before this!!!

Trump Deplorable says:

I live in North Saint Louis and I don't go out at night I get gas at a certain place during the day and I don't leave home without my firearm and if I see something that looks suspicious I'm going to let them know I see you but by that time my hand will be on my firearm if I feel like I'm going to have a threat

Richard Turpin says:

The video is not conclusive, he might have not comply


Please let’s not turn this into a race thing there’s plenty Enough evil in this world to go around 🙏🏾

xlxcrossxlx says:

This happened at 7pm. Not exactly late hours, and one suspect was caught and charged.

Gigglepoops85 says:

Must have been known to each other. Made to look like a robbery.

lacrosix says:

We live in a world where you cannot just walk around at night! DAMN!…. but we also see its the same in the day time! WTF

Kayak Uprising says:

Don't walk your friggin dog at night, especially if you live downtown. And 2nd, don't ever let 2 thugs get on each side of you.

MrBeats says:

What’s the neighborhood?

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