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These Shopkeepers Defend Old School

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Heu Valadao says:

Man! Canadian ASP is HILARIOUS!

Brahma Bull says:

If that's a jewelry shop, they probably have a buzzer system to selectively allow access via the front door – which is probably why the suspects chose to break the windows to gain entry.

Hercule Holmes says:

Could a replica gun. In the UK we sometimes see criminals using fake guns.

I don't know what the deal is with those sabres; if they were on the wall as "ornamental" objects then that makes sense, but if not, they are not a very good choice for fighting inside of a store. I would use a baseball bat; much simpler to use and you can swing it from any angle.

EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

Canada isn't so peaceful as they make it seem.

Reach41 says:

Wait. Criminals can't have guns, they are banned in Canada.

Waldkauz 789 says:

If one of them had a spear they could have pierced better through the window. Maybe they should add a spear and a crosbow to their Arsenal.

MAX3D2 says:

Arrrgg Shiver me timbers! This is what happens when you don't use your gems for weapon upgrades!

D Hardy says:

I love how these 3 crummy fresh off the boat hajji's handled everyday canadians, it just proves canadians have lost it, that they are just pussys and their brand is weak…its suck to have neighbors like this. I hope 20 million indians move into canada and make it a better country.

Normal Head Joe says:

It was probably an airsoft gun or pellet gun.

Pascal Au says:

If it was me I would have tried to slash off the hand of man with the gun. Then hand the hand to the police as evidence.

yogi bro says:

Goes to the bank, I need to borrow 50$ to open a jewelry store. "How do you open a jewelry store for 50 bucks?" Well, I need a couple hammers, a crowbar and a cheap cap gun.

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