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The Truth About Self-Defense

What is self-defense? Praised by some in viral stories of neighborhood altercations and rejected as a defense in certain trial settings, self-defense is a broad topic. Self-defense includes so many different elements and aspects, it can be hard to wrap your head around. So, what is self-defense? Is self-defense legal? Should you educate yourself on and practice self-defense techniques? Our Independent Program Attorneys are here to answer your self-defense questions in The Truth About Self-Defense! Plus, they’ll straighten out those far too common self-defense myths with some truths that might surprise you… In The Truth About Self-Defense, you’ll get answers to the most common self-defense questions people ask, as well as answers to questions you might not even know you had! You’ll get the answers to questions like: – What is considered self-defense? – Can you go to jail for self-defense? – Can you kill someone in self-defense? – What is basic self-defense law? – What can you use as a self-defense weapon? Plus, you’ll uncover the truth behind myths such as: – “Men can’t hit women in self-defense.” – “Martial arts isn’t really self-defense.” – “Wasp spray is better than pepper spray.” And so much more… By the way, did we mention that this is LIVE? That’s right! Make sure to join us LIVE on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at 11 AM CT to get your self-defense questions answered and find out how you can make your self-defense the best it can be. Want to discover even more about self-defense? Download our Self-Defense Guidebook for extra information: Ready to take the next step in your self-defense journey? Check out how the nation’s best Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage can help you prepare for the worst: Hit the subscribe button above and connect with us on social media to get the latest videos and content just like this! YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:


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