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The Technical Stand-Up Proper Application | Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense Basics

The technical stand-up, or standing up in base, is one of the cornerstone movements of Jiu-Jitsu. The mechanics of it contain movements and mobility principles that are pervasive throughout ground fighting. There is a lot of confusion over this concept though, dealing mostly with the range, defensibility and kicking ability. I try to clear up some of this in this video and make it more accessible and understandable. If you like this, please like, subscribe and share! If you want more detailed technical instruction, check out Please follow me on Instagram @knight_jiu_jitsu_


Quinn Giles says:

Also would you ever reccomend a quick backwards somersault if your falling backwards with momentum? I feel like its risky but faster!

Quinn Giles says:

I know you said the push kicks to the leg from ground are just for distance and I agree but man….
If you kick just above the knee (specially if attacker is putting weight on it) that's GOTTA hurt.
I would assume the knee could buckle (like the dummy sweep) and maybe hyperextend it.
Either way I definitely think you could potentially damage that knee before standing!!

Auto yyc says:

Great video 👌

Oise O says:

Is stuff like this taught in self defense oriented bjj gyms?

K ayn says:

The kick and getup is a core move in silat!! Nice vid as always

Адильбек Рамадан says:

Very nice 🖐🖒🖒👍Thank you

Joshua Makshofi says:


Michael Cohen says:

Great video! Is this in response to Aperture's recent video with Chad Lyman?

sorearm says:

Very nice, explanation of controlling the distance, watching out for side evasion and attack, moving back to ground if need be, attacking the knees offensively and safely getting upright maintaining distance. Never forget those kicks up to the face / guts area from the ground, love it

James Diffey says:

good work on the video, i really enjoy your sport jiu jitsu and gi translation to the street application for self defense videos. if you got around to it would be really informative for a lot of jiu jitsu guys who do a lot of gi to possibly make a video on using clothing articles for more of an open guard or closed guard perspective for self defense eg: how to bundle up cloth for chokes, what clothing is strong enough for a street applicable spider guard or lasso etc. thanks

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