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The Future of Women's Self-defense – Women Empowered 2.0

Exactly 11 years ago, I met Eve Torres. She came in for her first jiu-jitsu class, and it’s safe to say she signed up, for life! (still not sure whether fell in love with me first or jiu-jitsu first, but that’s beside the point) Before Eve came into the picture, we had been teaching “women’s self defense” for several years, but the program never flourished, largely because we were men trying to connect with women, and no matter how hard we tried, there was always something missing. Everything changed when Eve entered the equation. Not only did she restructure the entire Women Empowered program from the ground up, but she became the instructor, leader, and role model that all of our female students were missing, and the program has flourished ever since. Between the hundreds of women learning at Headquarters, and the thousands learning at CTCs around the world, we’re making a difference, but millions of women around the world still have no access to self-defense. Introducing Women Empowered 2.0, available on DVD and online streaming, this new program serves as the basis for an entirely new Instructor Certification Program that will enable graduates to teach Women Empowered in ANY fitness center, college campus, church, military base and beyond! There is no segment of society that needs jiu-jitsu more than women, and there is no martial art that is better suited for women than jiu-jitsu, but unfortunately women are the minority at every BJJ school in on the planet. Thanks to Eve, the new Women Empowered program, and the thousands of instructors we will certify around the world, we’re gonna tilt the scale back in the right direction and make the world a better place! Order Women Empowered 2.0 today: -Rener


Astacia Mckinnis says:

Beautiful couple (Rener Gracie and Eve Torres)

freda arbuckle says:

I only came across this site a few days ago – very exciting – who wouldn't want to do this!? I've not seen all the videos but from what I've seen so far the women are young and fit – which is great, and accurately portraying the largest demographic who would most likely require it – but it would be quite encouraging to see something perhaps a bit more inclusive in terms of age range?

Astacia Mckinnis says:

She's a beautiful badass

Country Driven says:

I love, love, love this! We'd be honored to link up with you through our site; maybe on the Video's page. We're less than a year old but we are all about Active Women staying safe. <3

MaharlikaAWA says:

Check out my fit jitsu video.


I like the clothing and apparel you guys have

LadySuit006 says:

Is this an add on to the original some empowered program, or is 2.0 the only one you need to get started?

heja361 says:

Am i the only one who thinks this looks more like a parody than legitimate self defence skills?

Astacia Mckinnis says:

They should train the military too

Melissa Zwieg says:


methodman says:

Eve still as hot as she was back in the WWE

kristy Carney says:

This is amazing

Triza Robert says:

Can I join??

Maximum Ninjutsu Power says:

Can I, as a guy, earn a pink belt?

Sergio Arroyo says:

Great job guys ! More power to your efforts

AmericanMade says:

Every woman should have access to self defense. You guys are awesome! We need this so bad.

Tim Morenz says:

What I absolutely love about Rener, Eve and Ryron Gracie: you continue to respect the traditions of Helio Gracie Jiujitsu while continuing innovation and widening the frontier and landscape that jiujitsu represents. You have respect for the past, honor and are fully present and plan and build for the future. Much respect!

Derrick Martinez says:

Men's program to?

SJW Slayer Lio says:

I am no woman but i want to earn a pink belt! it is so beautiful!

mko says:

Gracie Combatives 2.0 plz!!!

GJJPete says:

Brilliant, i love the whole thing. Great work eve and rener!

Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum. says:

I’m a man and I’ll be buying this! 😆

Isaiah Campos says:

You guys should open a place in Fresno

Pavol Slamka says:

If I would be a woman I will buy it!
Great job Gracie as always! #graciearmy

james hawley says:

My 6 year old daughter wants a pink belt so bad.

polegar14 says:

Great content, can't wait to train with my girlfriend !
Since i'm living in France the shipping is pretty expensive. Can I purchase only the "WE online add-on" to have access to all the content online ?

CF1091 says:

Eve with the 12-6 elbows at 0:59… savage

Lake Cooper says:

Eve, Eve, Eve…. forever a heart-breaker…
Her and Rener are so damn cute together ♡

Aditya Jayant says:

In schools and training programs for women, instructors teach taekwondo which is a total WASTE for self defense. They also teach hip throw from judo but girls lack strength. They should teach BJJ, krav maga or muay thai.

MaharlikaAWA says:

Yeah the Gracies used the video footage of my training partner and me with our submitted Pink Belt test! That is me and my friend Angeline int he video at :33 hahaha that is awesome! It means we did a good job! I am proud of my training partner Angeline for passing with a good score! The Pink Belt Women Empowered program is very solid, easy to follow, and if you work hard then a woman WILL learn self defense effectively.

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