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The Bystander Body Slam From Utah | Active Self Protection

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The Devil in Frankenstein says:

It is really hard to take someone down, it’s like fighting a feral cat. Lol. Kudos to the guy that bear hug and threw down.

Erick Laser says:

Which is the police officer? LOL Kudos to the guy.

kman 4443 says:

Someone give this guy a tryout in the NFL, he has the makings of a good strong safety.


Im not helping the cop unless myself or a loved one is in danger…

P͠0̴l̶̡̛l̨ùte̕͟d̴͢M̨͠ist says:

1:02 is it just me or did that guy look like he came out of thin air?

Canine Consigliere says:

IMHO, if an officer is under threat by someone, being harmed by someone, their life is in danger from someone, etc. and you have the capability to help……absolutely help! Otherwise there's too many ways it can go wrong for you to get involved.

Bob Barker says:

100 for the Good Samaritan HELP EVERYBODY

Jesse Christensen says:

I live in Salt Lake City Utah, and its no surprise to me at all that people stepped in to help the officer. Utah is a great place to live.

DL Lambert says:

I'm not going to be critical of the by stander because the + outcome but I would NOT encourage that type of behavior. At the least, I'd call 911 or LE, 🚔, then assist the cop(s) if they wanted it. If I'm armed or using CCW, I'm not going to rush in then confront a EDP.

john peck says:

Damn!! Now That’s a take down

WAR ZONE says:

That's what im talking about

SpaceMan Legitsu says:

The officer was in the perfect position to perform ikkyo omote. He just needed to lift the suspects elbow like a chicken wing pulling the wrist down and spin him to the ground using centrifugal force.

Ciaran McCarron says:

Thanks Guys

Ethan Overwatch says:

That body slam tho

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