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The Best Self Defense Handgun


NCHunter79 says:

Good vid. From experience I opt for the Glock 19 with a high power light
like the TLR-1. Though I like revolvers and 1911’s, when I had two perps
outside my window at night, having 15 rounds and a super bright light was
exactly what I needed to feel confident confronting them. Six or seven
rounds are great, 15 is even better. 

Hightower2804TP says:


megafalcon38 says:

Ruger gp100

juan vargas says:

Great advice buddy.

Me Ne says:

If you feel confident with a revolver stick to it, revolvers are very good
guns for home/self defense, try to use a low blast ammunition for dont
blind you or show your position in the night specially with 357 and short
barrels, are a few brands offering this feature out there, Federal Hydra
Shok is a old and well know round, they offer all the line in all the
standard calibers also low flash and recoil. Take care.

liszt1776 says:

I agree. I’ve been woken up a couple of times in the middle of the night,
and I know for a fact that my brain is fuzzy, which is a bad condition to
be in for shooting especially at night “Is there a round in the tube? Is
the safety off? Wait which way is the safety supposed to be?” Of course you
can train on this. What if a jam occurs? Military personnel and police
officers train on clearing jams, but do i really have that training? Stick
with a revolver.

Me Ne says:

Revolver is the best gun for self defense, more specific a 357magnum
revolver, don’t require maintenance like a pistol, simple and everybody can
use it in your family, flexible in ammunition can use hot 357, 38 special
or any +P loads and just one shot stop a threat. If you are a insecure
person or terrible shooter get pistols with large magazines otherwise leave
this for wars. Of course either way the best gun is ineffective without the
proper placement training.

Z0mb3h Hunt3r says:

Funny though, I started with a 1988 Pre-lock Smith and Wesson 4 in 686-3
.357 Magnum, saved some cash and bought a used Smith and Wesson 5904 with
squared trigger guard for $350, sold it for $450, added some more, and
purchased a Glock 17 gen 4. Now my go to 3 pistols are my 686, my G4 G17,
and my Pre-57 S&W M36 (I collect old S&W revolvers :D)

hydrashok556 says:

Easy answer, GLOCK 19.

TinCanAssassin says:

I still love(and carry) my S&W Model 10

HeadShot319 says:

I like my FNP .45, holds 15 rounds in each mag and its completely

Joe V says:

I love that 5906 I wonder if they have it in 40 or 45 cal

Jesse Robinson says:


AmericanGuys100 says:

glock 19 was my first handgun got it two years ago as a graduation present,
got a carry permit and have carried it many a times! glock 19= my buddie.

BobDutyImages says:

Good advice… Semper Fi.

JCrook1028 says:

I like my Glock 22 tho my Taurus Tracker in 357 works awfully well also.

IJP9 says:

My local pd uses smith and wesson m&p40 I think the 9 would also be a good
choice. Good vid.

Lewis Rowe says:

Fn fx 45!

Gary Finnstrom says:

I have used both revolvers and semi-autos on off duty at the moment I have
three semi autos and one 357 LCR. I have not problems with any of the
weapons however the LCR is used as a backup… I am going to teach a lady
friend how to shoot and I am going to start her on the XD nine as well her
young son and if brave enough the 12ga….. I agree on what was said about
the first gun use what is used in law enforcement and what better fits you
regardless if 9 mm 40 or 45

dragonusmc0311 says:

nypd uses 5906,226,g19 for duty carry.

malpractice80 says:

I love my Glock 22

rkrzbk says:

Best starter gun is a Glock 19 or an XD9 4″. For a revolver, I’d go with a
2″-3″ .357mag.

betatalk357 says:

I’d agree with his logic, but start off with guns bought by the MILITARY
first- those things have been used countless times, countless battles,
thousands of rounds of ammo without fail. I’m talking about the 92 Series
Beretta, used by L.A.P.D. and the M9 Beretta used by the Army. Guaranteed
for 30,000 rounds, made by a company in business for the past 500 years.
Definitely a gun for someone not to be fucked with.

echo6cavedog says:

5906 is HEAVY. You can throw it and knock out the perpetrator after your
last round. I’ll never give mine up.

1foreverr says:

Love the 5906!

caddman68 says:

grt advice and build your collection from there

hilltopper34w1 says:

Suggest Browning Hi-Power in 9mm

K1ll3rM4st3r says:

100 dollar hi point is the best!! Just kidding. Well i mean its all opinion
and what you can afford.

Red October says:

Great Advice, good points

mustangkrillin says:

Cool video. I don’t usually recommend DA/SA semiautos for beginners, but
good overall info. Maybe on your next video you can talk about defensive
ammo. The best advice in my opinion is match what your local PD or sheriff
carries, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

RandomTJ says:

If I was to pick a handgun, I would proberbly pick either an M1911 or a SIG
P225, P226 or P229 since I have relatively small hands and most double
stack handguns don’t fit my hands well, such as the Beretta 92FS

Arizona Flutist says:

I concur with the S&W 5906. Slightly heavy but less recoil compared to the
Glock. Also can hold 14+1 rounds. I don’t like the +1 option (chambered
round) and I keep only 13 rounds in the magazine to provide less wear on
the spring when stored for long periods of time. All 3 of these guns are
accurate. At 25 yards you can shoot a man size target in the chest 4 out of
5 rounds with little practice. I am going with the S&W 5906 but like all 3

Mightyjoe1 says:

Don’t forget the Berretta 9mm that’s also a good gun

MatteoSixTwentySeven says:

CZ-75/97 proven throughout the world.

45csra says:

you mean the 4006 and the 4506?

Joe V says:

Usually people start from left to right lol

PingPongDave1 says:

Russian Tokarev 762.25

bry33productions says:

Cant go wrong with a cz82, its had its military use, 9*18 is adequite for
protection, and it holds 12 rounds.

Sig Shooter says:

I can vouche for the 5906. Mine chews up all ammo, good recoil, out shoots
me, and will last for ever.

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