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The Best Carry Gun for Self Defense

This video goes into the numerous considerations that need to be well thought-out when deciding what kind of handgun to carry for self defense. It is a decis…


Alex Povolotski says:

Great vid, good analogy with the life jackets. I like that.

You may want to think about making the video about semi-auto vs. revolver
for carry. And consider issues, such as reliability, jamming, ability to
continue shooting after a misfire (i.e. in a revolver = keep on squeezing
the trigger), the lack of safety in a adrenaline-rush environment.

Michael Ehline says:

*Best carry gun for self defense*

DB Cooper says:

Very good common sense. The very reason I subscribed. Make sure you know
how to use, whatever you choose. Least profile the better. Don’t ever pull
out a weapon, unless you’re committed to using it! BDS!

Marvin L Stohs Sr says:

Never ever trust anyone hiding behind sunglasses !!

Richard DiLorenzo says:

Sorry man….too much common sense here. I want to see guns and holsters
and guys making big bang noises down range.

Dwight Stewart says:

Since no two people are alike, the “best carry gun” simply doesn’t exist
(as you say).

By the same token (no two people alike), there’s no such thing as a really
good firearms self-defense class either. I went to a class once. That clown
actually expected the “students” to run, throw themselves on the ground
behind obstacles, and so on. Most were seniors over 60. Couldn’t do that if
you paid them. Likely break bones if they did. The instruction was
stupid/unrealistic anyway. Who’s going to do that, on pavement, at Walmart?


10mm or .45ACP +P the end.

Howard Johnson says:

Good information, but I find the screen disintegration changes very
annoying and distracting.


Pete Phillips says:

I like revolvers I shoot them very well have for 40 years I carry a
snubby 44 special . Driving I use a cross draw holster Carry a 1911
often as well prefer the revolver Carry what you shoot well And
remember a high capacity auto loader in the safe is not as good as a 22 in
your pocket . 

ross salupo says:

I love 296 smith and wesson backed by a couple others depending on wardrobe
for the day.but my opinion is the simpler the better because if you pull it
you are doing it under stress duress etc no safeties to fumble with no
stovepipes to worry about and I can hit with them quickly for me revolvers
work well but ultimately it is up to the individual and I say practice
practice and practice and the old saying fear the man who has one gun might
have some truth to it.Pick a gun or two and stick with them practice as
much as you can with them and chances are the will get you out of trouble
if you have awareness of your surroundings and the proper training to go
along with it just having a ccw and firing a few boxes of ammo is not
enough in my opinion.but I agree with you the gun you have on you is the
one that will make a difference.

Ruger Fan says:

Great analogy. The point u made made perfect sense. Something is always
better than nothing.

James Allan says:

Good stuff and I couldn’t agree more. A well thought-out message that
(hopefully) gets people to stop and remember: ‘it’s better to have it and
not need it – than to need it and not have it.’ 

Tom Jones says:

Well done. This is good information and much appreciated. 

Seofthwa says:

I would just add that the best gun is the largest caliber firearm that you
and accurately shoot and carry. I have owned large 44 mag and did not
enjoy shooting it at all and therefore would not be as good with it (since
I did not like shooting it) as I am with a .357 which i can shoot

Gilbert Gonzalez says:

Gud video

Romano Woodfolk says:

The Best Carry Gun for Self Defense

ingehammerstrom says:

i gotta tank, so shut up you coconut eating Hawaiian!

TheWitnesserer says:

I personally love my PT92 AFS (the stainless one with the rail). It was my
very first semi-auto and, even though I now use a Glock 17 on a daily
basis, the PT92 is my go-to gun if/when the SHTF. Yeah, it’s heavier than
the G17, but I have never ever had any failures with it and its accuracy
gives the Beretta a run for its money. Your Taurus, is it a wheel gun or
one of their semi-autos?

Purepain76 says:

Lol the best gun to carry is a gun with a full Magazine and a round in the
Pipe 🙂

Tieira Karpinski says:

This is the first time I’ve watched one of your video’s, and you’ve gotten
me to subcribed. You make many valid points and I look forward to watching
more. I’m a single mother of two, and I can’t explain how nice it was to
hear someone speak clearly apon this subject 🙂

Kenny Wilkes says:

I favor my Ruger LCP with hot .380 rounds (Not +P) Mine has proven to be
very reliable and easy to use at the range. So easy to carry with many

hotmamaunited says:

gun nut faggot

kypdurron62 says:

The larger the caliber, in fact, without a large increase in velocity, the
easier the chance of the vest stopping it. That’s in fact, WHY those
companies use such large caliber weapons to fire into their vests. If they
used a smaller, high velocity round like a 5.7, they’d get penetration and
be dead. If you do some youtube searching, you’ll see plenty of people hurt
and even penetrated with a vest on. What Squad was saying was that the
punch hurts and slows you, not it knocks you back.

jim49217 says:

I was a cop when the vests started to gain popularity, I still have the 1st
2nd chance vest i got back in 79ish. The owner wold go out & have guys
shoot him & the vests worked well then & better now but some facts: Cops
still died then & now from blunt force if hit in one of the “bad spots”.
With out plates U will get hurt, & have a nice “Mark” its going to hurt! If
U do the math a 155gr object traveling at around 1300 fps has some power to
it & will hurt U with or without a vest. BLACK TALON?

ZombieTex1 says:

You’re absolutely right about the best gun being the one you’ll actually
carry on you. My wife never carries the gun she picked out because it’s too
big for her little body. I’m going to get her a Kahr CM9 and see if that
one sticks better. It should be small enough for a bra holster that she can
wear every day.

dkeberhard says:

excellent discussion. I especially liked the analogy because I fly
airplanes and would like to get flotation gear for passengers for overwater
flights. I’ll use the same philosophy for my next purchase. BTW: I carry
709Slim or G36 IWB. Seriously considering getting Glock 36S (a G30 with a
G36 slide w/ short frame) but weight may dissuade me …

Snapzz3 says:

.950 for me

Avery Neilson says:

Great video I would just add one more qualifier to the biggest you will
actually carry all the time and that is the biggest you can proficiently
shoot. My wife, sister, and mother all shoot a 9mm much better than a 45 or
40. Does no good to carry a large caliber if you can not shoot it
proficiently. Is a 9mm to center mass more deadly than a 45 in the leg?

William N. says:

too much talking

Philippe Orlando says:

Bin Laden turned the lights on when the seals entered uh? He didn’t. I
think you’ve never used NVG, I can tell. By the way, since you can’t tell I
have night vision when you enter MY HOUSE where I control the environment,
how do you know? What kind of thief would turn on the light in the middle
of the night in a house they rob anyway???? Unfortunately for you, you are
busy shooting my two dogs, which gives me plenty of time to align your head
buddy. The same dogs who told me you were coming.

cyclist01222 says:

Good points but I shy away from recommending “the one you’re going to
carry” answer. Some people really need help to carefully consider what
might be best for them. I know it’s a catchy phrase and often used when
referring to knife selection also but if my wife asked I would not tell her
“the one you’re going to carry”.

mrfiux says:

‘Murica! What was the starting song?

Sam Byrd says:

My preference is a desert eagle

blackwings03 says:

Glock 21 all day everyday:) Glock 26 for occasional deep concealment

Johnny James says:

good information when I first got in firearms 18 years ago as a cocky young
man I carry the biggest and the best I carry full size 357 Magnum Street
Carrie full size 1911 s when you own a construction company like I do and
you’re in Georgia heat and you’re jumping on of heavy equipment you find
out real quickly they are too big into having and you attend to bang them
around a little bit many many firearms later for the last 2 years I carry
hey Kel Tec 32 ACP I been know to carry two of them

Edward Burge says:

My dad has very limited firearm experience and my mom ZERO but some yahoo
at work convinced my dad that ‘The Judge’ was the best gun for them. I was
ticked, we took the judge back and I explained the situation the the owner
and fortunately he allowed dad to exchange it for something that I could
train them both to use. If you cant afford to put hundreds of rds thru it
minimally and can’t accurately fire it relatively fast, its useless in
defense. Buy what u can afford to be deadly with.

1911s4me says:

I usually carry 1911’s but do carry the Glock G-36 or G-19 in a Milt Sparks
summer special II (IWB-leather holster about $100.00). We’re luck today of
all the choices of smaller, reliable quality firearms. The S&W Shield is
another nice carry weapon.

thealize808 says:

how do you feel about a glock 17 for ccw?

Christopher Watts says:

I have a Taurus and despite the reputation its been great.

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