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The Best Brass Knuckles for Self Defense | Testing No Metal Knucks

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@hard2hurt says:

Go check out No Metal Knucks at

@f1cti says:

Great video! One quick question though: Regarding this particular brand do you recommend the single knuckle over the traditional 4 knuckle model? Thanks Mike!

@badjaeaux says:

Brass knuckles are illegal in many countries, including Hong Kong, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Jail term up to 5 years plus 6 strokes of the cane esp in sg. Prolly use a reinforced Championship ring or a Carbotanium Phone case instead.

@marcuspacheco3815 says:

So I'm really confused how that single knuckle duster thing varies in any significant way from just having a chunky ring…. I mean like if you have a chunky gold ring it probably adds a similar amount of mass and provides all the same benefits…. But without all the ridiculous legal complications.

@SymulationGaming says:

That ending was so perfect.. just earned a sub.

@trapvandal says:

The holding and hitting is more realistic injuries to what a head would do anchored to a body planted on two feet.

@foxoninja says:

Plassknuckles… ?

@nyxs1s266 says:

If we are talking about the legality of it being identified as "lethal force" A slight modification could likely be made and perhaps avoid that identification. If say 3-4mm are removed from the leading edge of the knuckle and it is replaced with a fairly dense rubber, this may be enough to protect yourself from this concern while maintaining most of its effectiveness. Think 3-4mm rubber strip with 2-3 rubber nubs which click into the grip.

@damrakred says:

Why have you never done an episode about home defense SPEARS! A 7ft boar hunting spear is scary as hell!

@jehovahuponyou says:


@fergalhardiman2276 says:

I say your neighbours love you man

@GunNut37086 says:

Even if these weren't illegal in most states, I feel like there's better options. Nonetheless, exploring options is critical and I love that thought exercise.

@Pedalfast22 says:

Brace kuckles go in your bag pocket . Act like your pulling up your pants. An pull them out in one motion an Strike. Everyone in the hood pulls up there pants to fight any ways. You can actually do it so fast that you can put them back into your back pocket like it didnt happen.

@Pedalfast22 says:

My friend had dragon face brace knuckles, When He Had To Pull Them Out , It Got Bloody. The Dragon Face Had Bits Of Human Face in it After He Used Them Once.

@nrokpop says:

Have you ever shot a gun do you have one if not I can loan you minds just think about

@kenkubard says:

The broken pointy rolling pin swinging close to your head is NOT OSHA-approved

@bobvan2576 says:

This is my first of your videos. Very fun. Thanks for sharing.
It was right around the 15 minute mark, I thought to myself with a smile, "what a fun job."

@indivisible885 says:

I appreciate your commentary, but that ending was Epic!

@Blessed_and_Fit_Over_50 says:

Are these legal?

@jasoncarr5867 says:

The Hey Mike hey Dennis had me dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@davewhite16 says:

I don't see it as a weapon – it's more of a protective sleeve for your knuckles in the event of physical self defence.

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