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The Art of Self-Defense Angry Movie Review

AJSA Posters ► [15%off Code: AngryJoeShow] AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the Dark Comedy The Art of Self-Defense, if you are a little whimp like Jesse Eisenberg’s character will taking Karate really make you a real man? AJSA Shirts! ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Twitter ► AJSA Community ►


Mike Modest says:

Thanks for the review, I did not plan to see it until your recommendation. My story endorses everyone to study a martial art of their choice for five years (It takes that long to 'Get It', both the physical and mental advantages)'. I was a skinny kid and young man, afraid of confrontation and bullies.
Living in Miami, I got into drugs and therefore guns in my early twenties. I started carrying and training with guns and competed in local 'Practical Pistol' matches (Taran Tactical style) for a couple years. i used to sleep with a 45 and a shotgun, just in case. After moving to Hawaii and being elected president of the gun club, I realized that guns were a 'light-switch', either on or off. I therefore joined a dojo and studied for three years. It changed me. I moved back to Miami and continued to study two more years before an injury curtailed my study.
The good news is I had achieved my goal, I was now a 'rheostat', not a 'light-switch'. I could now adjust my energy and response to the situation. Being an avid motorcycle rider since I was 14, I started riding again and eventually became involved in the biker lifestyle. I still carried all the time, but it was the martial arts training that allowed me to peacefully and respectfully negotiate relationships with some very serious individuals. My only two potentially violent situations were handled with tactics learned from martial arts. Even though I was armed with a gun and a knife, I didn't pull them. I owe my survival (and possible freedom) to Sun Tzu (Art of War) and Miyamoto Musashi (Book of Five Rings)., which I re-read each year. I'm now an old man with one leg (motorcycle accident). I still carry, but mostly in case I run into a bad guy who doesn't realize that long white haired, whited bearded, one-legged mofo's might not be so easy to eff with. Might have to go all 'light-switch' on their ass.

Nsd 27 says:

Another movie review wow thank a lot 😑

Verquinn says:

when you subscribe only to realise 98% of the content is about movies not games

Bigarthansatan says:

7:43 man I feel like joe doesn’t even care about what he’s doing

PHeMoX says:

Terrible lead actor, terrible movie. Sorry. I'll pass. Also, it does have social commentary that is beyond stupid.

Death Proof says:

Man you guys like some duuuuuumbass shit……holy fuck.

MonkeyWantAHug Video says:

watched the first minute of this review and turned that shit off asap

BMgrey says:

But where was Dragon Sound!?

David Shaw says:

Could the creators of Desertorder please stop advertising to me? Your game looks shite, now go fourth..

zadymek says:

Well, either these skits do are funny…or it was the beer 😉

Kid Digital says:

Other Joe: I love karate!
Angry Joe: I love karateyy! 😏
YouTube: I love moneyay! 😉
Alex: I hate all of you.

Joan says:

Fucking lazy movie reviews. Is this a movie reviews channel now?

Action Jackson says:

Never heard of it, thought you guys would have seen Crawl

thetopherhaslanded says:

Do you even do game reviews anymore? Miss those 🙁

Daniel Jonsson says:

Has he stopped reviewing games? Seems like there's mostly movie reviews and reaction videos nowadays. I kinda miss them.

dirty ox says:

dame there no ads tall joe was right

Chairman Meow says:

Oh, a feminist film about patriarchy? I guess that fits for fantasy.

Max Madmax says:

The trailer for this movie IS SO BAD !!!
Glad the movie is actually good 😀

Melvinder Singh says:

TYT MODE Activated AT 4:20

Brian Charles says:

Very funny movie – and Imogen Poots: All I need!

Keavers 86 says:

Do we get any games reviews anymore. Like movie reviews but would be great to see some games one also.

daimon hellstrom says:

social justice b.s


Eisenberg isn’t for me, but he played in some very good movies.

Ally-C-83 says:

Random Angry Movie Review Day 2 review 12 13/07/19 awesome stuff guys

WhitePrivileged AmericanMale says:

Play video games

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