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Terrible Attack in Milwaukee Caught on Camera

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Globaled says:

we need an eye for an eye

N C says:

Tried to punk the other guy out and got a face full of acid. Both guys are idiots.

Sharky's Machine says:

This wasn't about a poor parking job, this was premeditated and laying in wait. No one walks around with a cup of caustic acid, for 'safety'. Hope they also charge him for illegal acid container and lack of hazardous labeling!!

ahuertas69 says:

Okay, I was gonna say something in regards to this guy randomly carrying acid but I think everyone's comments pretty much touched those bases.

Ben Schmidt says:

Sounds like a hate crime.

Cannibal Man says:

There are some people… who just don’t deserve a social life

bob redard says:

the victim started the violence, hes lucky the guy didnt have a gun. got what he deserved

Immrama Co. says:

We can blame the acid all the time, I´ve been in some ugly situations before and more than once (I have even ended up at the hospital with my life at risk with an artery severed) so I always relate with John when points out the EGO… just leave it at home.

Stand4 Right says:

Perhaps the guy that threw the acid should have the very same kind of acid applied to his face.

Blake Gibbons says:

Who the fuck just has acid on hand?!? He went out looking for trouble that day, there’s no changing my mind! Piece of shit!

PopeyeCove says:

In modern times, the human animal has lost all honor. It's not 1920 anymore. It's best to practice social distancing even without a pandemic, and practice it with any and all strangers, especially ones with an obvious agitated screw loose.

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