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Tennessee Officer Resigns After Panic Attack On The Job

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Edwin Laing says:

Well he picked the wrong career good he resigned

Erick Estrada says:

Wow, that's why I always say tha the 80% of the police officers they coming from army and they are crazy mentally for killing to much and they're killers, all this police people act like this need to get help first because they kill to many innocent people for no reasons, so so sad..

Theodore Cendejas says:

Damm…. get that officer removed… it's time to start re-evaluating their physical health..

itsDarrell says:

this video is SOOOO old.. lol

robbie Sharp says:

Did she just tell me to "shut the eff up"?

KG7YTS says:

The medics are epic.

Matt Fierimonte says:

Your anxiety training helped you with your multiple instances of deadly force? How many people have you killed John…WTF??? Also, you just say that the girl should have not cursed and stessed out the poor cop. Just let them do their jobs, you say? I say nay. Thank God cops are tested in real life scenareos so officers with complicatios like this don't put innocent lives in danger.

Free Birdie says:

Don't give guns to 5 year old crying kids.

John Kersch says:

This video is old af lol; didn't know the outcome though, so thanks for that.

F says:

Looking Great John! What kind of diet/eating habits helped you lose the weight? I got 100lbs to lose, any pointers helps. Kick ass videos also, THANK YOU!

B A says:

Tactical Breathing… semi-conscious, deep-breathing can make a big difference because if you go too far into shallow, panic breathing, your fingers can go into stiff contracture and then you're useless. Also, your blood pressure may go nuts if you don't have your physiology under control and you could have a heart attack and/or a stroke. Finally, stay fit as a fiddle with loads of high intensity cardio and good sleep because this will help you manage stress.

abc says:

Not sure about giving him the gun again. This is scary. This officer did the right thing by resigning. He's obviously not suited for that job.

Normal Head Joe says:

He's losing his mind. (Jon lovitz)

Fadhil Mappaujung says:

Did her boyfriend really going to jail?

Jacob Tolliver says:

I think there was another cop with video of this.

RxxR says:

Why was this guy even allowed to become a police officer? Seriously, WTF.

Quintin Murphy says:

Everyone is committing like they are ALL law enforcement… every cop is a human being at the end of the day…..MOST PEOPLE COMMENTING WOULD JUST FREEZE UP IN THE MOMENT OR HIDE BEHIND A CELL PHONE

philip bohi says:

This nutcase isn't fit for many jobs…
Waiter? Nope. "This guy ordered soup, now he wants a SALAD instead!!! A SALAD!!! Euuuh euuuh euuh!"
Taxi driver? Nah. "I don't know that address! Where is that?! Where IS THAT??!! Euuh euuh euuh!"
Flight Attendent? No way. "Raise your seat back! Raise it NOW!! Put your TRAY TABLE UP!!! Euuh euuh euuh!"
Technical Customer Service? Oh hell no! "Did you reboot??!! ReBOOT! I said REBOOT your COMPUTER, NOW!!! Euuh euuh euuh!"
Coffee Shop Barista? Oh jeez…his head would just explode.

Rob Douglass says:

Look, you've gotta do everything possible to put the officer at ease, immediately!

Why? Simply because stress on them can be deadly…TO YOU!

Obviously, this officer should not be one. But holy heck folks, don't think a cell phone can't be seen as a pistol.

He resigned because he knew he was not fit for the job. Everyone is lucky here. Thank God no one was hurt. And seriously, the woman needs to dial it down. That wasn't helpful. Bring legal action into play after everyone is safe if your rights are violated. It's much safer.

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