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TASER C2 – A Non-Lethal Self Defense Option? #FateofDestinee

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carmanvw says:

Thanks, nice job.

Alimber Rios says:

Great video and very detailed. Thank you!

Like A Boss says:

Self defense is enough force used to get out of or away from the situation
at hand.

Sean M says:

Not trying to guess at what Hunter means, but there used to be a need to
‘show good reason to need a CCW’. This used to be a way for certain ‘anti
2nd Amendment’ County Departments to limit the issuance of CCW’s in CA. I
assume this is no longer the case Linzoid?

L17AR15 says:

the Tazer is not a “non lethal” use of force it is “less than lethal”
meaning if used someone can still die from it. The law enforcement versions
have a longer range (distance someone can be tazed) then the civilian
versions. The law enforcment version isn’t meant to just taze people for 5
seconds so they can get up its used as a device so a cover officer or
officer’s can get the suspect into custody with the least amount of
injuries sustained.

Gun Sense (drmaudio) says:

Tasers are a good option when you can’t carry a gun, but there are a few
things people should know: 1. Tasers have, in rare instances, caused death.
They are better called “less-lethal” then “Non-lethal.” 2. As such, it is a
good idea to have medical personnel (or at least someone trained in CPR)
present to try it on your self. 3. They only work if both probes land. Also
the further apart the probes land, the more effective. This makes their
effectiveness very condition dependent.

unjustkatana says:

What a sweetheart !

kensguns says:

Check your medical books. A very low voltage applied while the heart is at
rest can stop your heart. Similar to being hit by a baseball in the chest
while the heart is at rest, or electric shock. We are seeing more and more
deaths from these devices and the manufacturers are saying these are rare
occasions. Tell that to the family of a loved one who died . There are now
studies ongoing with many law enforcement agencies that these may not be
worth the legal problems they have have caused.

mattimus says:

Because it has the same ability to make the individual incapacitated with
less of a chance of killing them… seem pretty obvious to me. Search for
‘death by taser’ or ‘death by pepper spray’.

wcropp1 says:

You are a bigoted idiot. You may be able to argue that there are elements
of sexism towards men in our society, but women have had to deal with it
too. Regardless, this in no way implies that women are overly emotional or
“empty-headed”–I think you have proven who the real empty-headed one is.
Are you sure you’re not just bitter because women don’t like you?

Arcticgator79 says:

Not sure if like because you bravely tried something i would never do or if
liking means i liked that you got tazed…..

papabearskid says:

I always though the best way to defend yourself as with a gun, until I saw
what happened to Zimmerman.

XGC Scrappy says:

ROFL a guy who I thought was my friend hit me with a stun gun and asked me
how bad was it as I got up as I was swinging at him, then he hit me again,
when I got up again I was mad as hell and he was laughing, and running.
Piece of work he was. “good friends” SoB should’ve at least let me know.
But that 80K V worked well enough for him to run away.

locknloadvideo says:

please dont crap your pants……that would be icky……but if you do,
there is no substitute for 1080p.

Tim007lamb says:


cpac97 says:

Dont do it Des please,, I dont want to see you get Tased!! But im cool if
you Taser someone else though…

Mr45shooter says:

Pepper spray is a better option less to go wrong when you need it.



Wingman115 says:

Oh that’s going to leave a lasting impression! Good Luck Destinee.

1gamoguy says:


crazyfvck says:

Pretty sweet hair in this one 😉 And good job with the vid.. As we all you
know you didn’t chicken out with the taser… 🙂

bowtie4ever96 says:

its not volts alone that kill its volts and ampheries a 40milliamp current
to a healthy heart will stop it but the skin has resistance the more volts
pushing the amps the more lethal the shock is tasers are designed with
series of resistors to drop the amps below the lethal level they are
designed to effect muscle that cause movement and not organs and smooth

Arcticgator79 says:

F.O.D. for thought

Simon Fairclough says:

u are hot

jstaz855 says:

I think if that is the best or only option you have then yes a taser is the
was to go. There may be a place you cannot carry but u would be able to get
the taser in. Just another tool in the toolbox. The taser is also a good
option for those people that may not be ready or willing to carry a gun due
to lack of comfort or emotional reasons.

Driftingsiax says:

i would not think pepper spray would be a great self defense option, for A
LOT of reasons, namely that it’s an aerosol and hard to control and
secondly that it is only painful, not necessarily debilitating, while a
taser physically forces muscle spasms

qaomowale says:

non-lethal defense options will be a part of my collection of tools (imho,
this option is a no-brainer)! thx 4 making this vid Destinee. u r a
well-rounded & 4ward-thinking individual. Peace!


DL, do yourself a favor, “chicken out” and taze someone else. I have
experienced a lot of different types of pain in my life. Being tazed is no
picnic. The only pain that I have experienced that was worse than being
tazed was when I was pepper sprayed. The only reason being sprayed was
worse was that the effect just lasted longer. Taze a friend, and don’t ask
me to stand in.

snarlingrabiddog5150 says:

Don’t taze me bro!

Raven Lee says:

The probes are like needles with a tiny barb near the end. The only way to
get it out is to yank it out. If the attacker has a buddy, you can either
reload another cartridge like a semiautomatic handgun or you can go mano a
mano and touch his body with it. It still functions as a contact device
with the same power as if you had launched the probes.Of course, it’s
always best to run if you have a chance. If you face multiple opponents,
you are going to be at a disadvantage, even with a pistol.

Jason Mitchell says:

Yes I do believe so but it relies on the person or if you are dealing with
someone who is disabled.

inspector13jjf says:

I’m pretty sure all states let you carry Inferno. I believe only WI and MI
limit the OC to 10% maximum. So Inferno is safe. =D I’d rather carry pepper
spray then a taser any day.

XGC Scrappy says:

You got contact lock on you dweeb. I just pm’d you a long message. She
should use it on you.

Ryan Smith says:

Whenever I carry a handgun, I always carry a canister of pepper spray too.
If you use lethal force in response to a non-lethal attack (such as a basic
physical assault), then you have a one way ticket to prison – emphasis on
“one way.” Everyone needs to become very familiar with the self-defense law
in their jurisdiction.

Enano Siniestro says:

If you’re going to do a test, get with the local PD and go for a 5-second
ride from an X26 or similar law enforcement taser. Trust me, after getting
zapped for 5 seconds, you know you don’t want to experience a 30-second
cycle from a C2.

mcd22630 says:

Very informative.

xtremearmor says:

Destinee, awesome overview of the taser. Impressive! Looking forward to
seeing more on the taser. However, I do hope you are not the one being

147CombatMedic says:

Spoken like the true expert that you are NOT

inspector13jjf says:

Each state has a limit on the amount of oleoresin capsicum that can be in
the pepper spray. The legal limit for WI is 10% OC. The stuff we were
sprayed with was from Fox Labs and runs at 5.3 million Scoville heat units.
Cold Steels Inferno has 8% OC and only runs at 160,000 Scoville heat units.
So was ours really watered down?? Some people pepper spray just won’t
effect. I’ve been sprayed on multiple occasions by various products. Same
results even on stuff over 10% OC.

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