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Suspect Briefly Regrets Shooting At Ventura Officer

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CocoDave37 says:

Shit, YT is starting to block Active Self Protections videos. Give it another 2 months and all of John Corriea's videos will be age verification blocked…

Ed Funk says:

Glad I didn't see another K9 officer get shot, REALLY GLAD the suspect took the road side temperature challenge.

Codi Reason says:

John the gray colour looks better on you guys , you might consider using black as well

Metalheaded says:

I'm very annoyed with these types of people who just keep on trying to win in their stupidity and dumbass decisions, because they're obstinate and rebellious. But at the same time, I do feel a wee bit of sadness for them because before all of that, they were once innocent kids who were either abused, neglected, or whatever…and then from that point, they began choosing wrong and lost it.

Reddeltanine says:

That's a great ending, no more taxpayers money wasted on you punk !

Mike S says:

That was interesting, Mike's bit about shooting the perp even after he drops his gun. Yeah, I buy that. And good work by the cop. I'd still like to see him with a rifle though. Maybe it was because he had to control the dog.

It's just as well the perp didn't make it, otherwise he might have taken up John's offer for us to improve our shooting.

BadassTigerOscar says:

Weird how some people choose to die in the middle of the road.. lol.

Malt licky says:

The crazy stops when the ouchies start

Joshua Stringer says:

Glad someone who commits violence doesn't exist anymore

Charlie Romeo says:

Good job officers…

Jon Borrmann says:


NotMorganFreeman says:

"Get on the ground, don't move". Well, at least he listened, voluntarily or not.

Mwfrizzellandsons says:

Oops. I messed up. Oops I have holes in me.

Fluffyferret says:

The moment he died was AWESOME!! Great shots on the run by the officer.

Jack Perry says:

The fur missile?! Lol but spot on!

Justin Smith says:

Another innocent black man murdered by the police

Vertikalo high says:

He finally obeyed the "donΒ΄t move, stay right there" command

Travis Tibbs says:

It didn't register for me until the video was slowed down that the perp dropped his gun, but rather than running, he prioritized the gun over his life/freedom. It tips his hand to his intentions and the officer recognized this in a flash. Impressive.

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