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Survival Myth: Bear Spray VS Self Defense Pepper Spray

Another Survival Myth out there is that Bear Spray is a good option and works better than self defense pepper spray as a non lethal option. This is not true and in this video I lay out why it is not true and explain how it could actually be illegal to use bear spray on a human. Connect with me on the following social media pages: TWITTER: or @RealitySurvival INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK Page: TUMBLR: FACEBOOK GROUP: Prepper Skills: Also please add me to your Google + Circles! and Join our Google+ community called Prepping, Shooting, Guns Knives and Survival at: CLICK HERE FOR 30 DAYS FREE – PLUS A FREE AUDIO BOOK! Checkout my new Survival Gear Store on my website at: Also be sure to visit my Survival blog named Reality Survival at: Where there are many articles on survival, survival skills, prepping, gear reviews and more! Royalty free music provided by Youtube.


andrew cordero says:

Just want to thank you for this video and taking the time to research the info. What would be a good pepper spray to get,

05generic says:

I'd like to see more potent synthetic ingredients and longer shelf lives for both. I don't have a lot of faith in either, especially considering their cost. Maybe if they had a great flame thrower as backup I'd feel better about them.

SimbaOS says:

Nice video. I'm about to get myself some kind of defense spray so I'm doing some research on the subject and this video is helpful to me. I have a question – what kind of spray/gas do police use? I saw in many footage they use some big cans and are able to spray a hell of a lot from it.

Dirt Road Gun Show says:

I have bear spray and regular pepper spray in my car. I wouldn't want to get hit with either!

Dirty Boyscout says:

This video was interesting. I can't figure out why people don't prefer to use things for what they were engineered and tested for. I'll use the best bear spray I can buy on bears and the best pepper spray money can buy on people. In WROL/SHTF if a mob is trying to car jack you, scatter the brains of the nearest assailant, I'm pretty sure most people will back off once they got brains all over them. No matter what, in that situation, you must get the vehicle moving, accelerate gradually to give people a chance to move, but do accelerate no matter what. The best thing to do in this situation is don't be there in the first place. Observe what arteries in your area get congested during peak traffic hours, peak vacation travel, and special events. People are creatures of habit. Automotive travel may not be an option.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Very good points and presented. Agreed, bears and animals have heighten senses so the spray is made with this in mind. Bear spray in crowd control could be very effective if defending a narrow opening or tunnel. This was very good food for thought.

robert jeffery says:

Would not an attacker that you are not willing to use lethal force be considered a "pest!"

rezdog187 says:

I broke it down last post but here goes. it's shu -Scoville heat units .percentage doest mean heat it only determines length or time to dissapation . the shu contained within determine heat or burn. some states regulate percentage not shu. the hottest one I know of is fox labs at 5.3 million shu but is only 2% oc. let me tell you 2 percent still burns for 30-40 minutes. dang jj no shot out for last post?

Pat1971 10Mountain says:

Question, so would pepper spray be more useful than bear spray in a close quarter contact with a bear or is the volume not enough ? I liked this information. Thank you for sharing

Bill McFarlane says:

Good points, JJ. Thanks.

Andrew Marchetta says:

Agree with most of what you state, but…
Though bear spray is lower in percentage of OC, the volume that is dispersed makes up for the lesser quantity (2ish % vs 5% or 10%.). I experimented with a full can a few years ago. The volume is impressive. There is going to be more "major capsaicinoids" on target. Or so I think. Additionally, I think the stand off distance is worth the trade off. Realistically, about seven to ten feet is about the best you can hope for with a stream version. Add stress and loss of fine motor skills and the personal defense sprays or stream are problematical. Still can stop or lessen an attack effectively though.

Agree that it is big to carry. Likely not going to stick it in your pocket or purse and go out to dinner. So here are my uses for bear spray.
1. Great to have with you when hiking… even when not in true bear country. I live in the southeast, and over the years there have been attacks and abductions of women. When hiking, it is easier to keep a reactionary distance from strangers, thus the longer spray distance is an advantage. The other problem when hiking is aggressive dogs. I read a blog where a hiker was praising his 9mm pistol as an ideal hiking firearm because he had it with him when two dogs from a farm next to the hiking trail ran on to the trail and became aggressive. He did not shoot the dogs, but he was ready to shoot. There are times that a dog may need to be shot. BUT, if you are out hiking and fire up some farmer's dogs you are going to have a heap of trouble. At least if you hose them down with bear spray, you may stop their aggressive behavior. Then if you do shoot them, you at least tried something else besides hollow points. As you have referenced there are quirks in our society. Killing a dog could cause you almost as much grief as killing a person. Even if it is some 60 pound vicious mongrel cur, somehow a picture of a Golden Retriever will end up in the media story. But I digress.
2. College campus. Being that my children are disarmed while living at college, I have stocked them with bear spray AND Sabre 5% stream. Same sort of rules as in hiking. When walking to and from classes and study areas, they sort of have an awareness of the their fellow students even if they do not know them personally. But, if there is someone strange, they can create some reactionary distance. It fits in the side pocket of their book bags nicely. In general though, if they are not in a group, they usually call me while they walk. Not that I can do a whole lot, but they are pretty safety aware.
3. Can't hurt to have it in your vehicle.
4. I keep a can of bear spray in my "urban" get home bag. That would be for a multiple assailant situation.

And as always with OC spray, or stream, or foam, wind and rain are a big factor.

I have wondered why Sabre Defense or other companies do not make a smaller size, 5% 2,000,000 SHU version of bear spray. One that has the distance and initial volume but maybe just three seconds instead of six seconds.

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