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Super Trick | Karate Tricks | Learn Martial Arts At Home|Best Self Defense For Beginners|

Super Trick | Karate Tricks | Learn Martial Arts At Home|Best Self Defense For Beginners| About this video In this video we teach Karate and Self Defence Techniques, these karate training helps you to learn martial arts at home without any karate Master or Instructor. We provides all self defence training in free of cost. From my video tutorial you can learn how to defend yourself against someone attacking you, your family or your friends. We provides self defence techniques for women, girls, boys and men that can improve their self confidence and self defence skills. Our PLAYLIST Links Below: ►SELF DEFENCE PLAYLIST Link- ►कराटे एकदम सुरु से सीखें! PLAYLIST Link- ►Super Trick PLAYLIST Link- ►Girls Self Defense PLAYLIST Link- ►STREET FIGHTS Self Defense PLAYLIST Link- ►MMA Super Techniques PLAYLIST Link- ►KARATE Blocks PLAYLIST Link- ►KARATE Kicks PLAYLIST Link- ►Martial Arts Karate Training PLAYLIST Link- ►Basic Warmup Exercise PLAYLIST Link- ►YOGA VIDEO PLAYLIST Link- Our Other Most Important Videos Link Below: 1-Self Defence |Self Defence Techniques |Self Defence Training 2-Neck Choke | Self Defence | Self Defence Techniques 3-Martial Arts | Karate |Self Defence |Self Defence Techniques 4-Self Defence |Self Defence Techniques |Self Defence Training 5-Karate Training |Self Defence |Self Defence Techniques 6-Leg Strong Kaise Kare | Leg Strong Exercises 7-Self Defence |Self Defence Techniques |Self Defence Training 8-Self Defence Techniques |Self Defence Training 9-MMA Tricks | MMA Techniques | MMA Training Tutorial 10- How to Defend Against a Knife Attack | Best Self Defense Training Tutorial 11-Standing Rear Neck Choke | Super Trick | Karate Tricks 12-Super Trick | Karate Tricks | Learn Martial Arts At Home 13-Kick Tutorial|Kick Training|Karate Kick training 14-Gedan Barai | Lower Block | How to do Gedan Barai 15-STREET FIGHT Self Defense |Self Defense Techniques 16-Yoga Yogasana Gomukhasana | गोमुखासन 17-Punch kaise kare Strong | How To Do Strong Punch 18-5 Self Defense Techniques |Girls Self Defense Technique 19-Learning Karate|Self Defense|Best Karate Self Defence 20-Kata Zenkutsu Dachi No|Best Self Defense Kata Zenkutsu Dachi No If you are a serious martial artist and would like to training from my video so please SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL ► Please Follow Us Our Social Media Links ►Facebook- ►Facebook Page- ►Twitter- ►Instagram- ►Visit Here- ►TikTok- #KARATEWITHASHOKCHAUDHARY #SELFDEFENCETECHNIQUES #SELFDEFENCE #SELFDEFENSETECHNIQUES #KARATETRAINING #MARTIALARTS Disclaimer All exercises programs are not suitable for everyone. The material in this video is provided for educational and informational purpose only and is not intended as medical advice. Any misuse of this content is completely at your own risk. We aren’t responsible.


Yash Kamble says:

Sir I am completed my black belt from taekwondo nice to meet you

Gautam free fire says:

Sir Mai bhi Marshall yad shikhana chauta hu

Anas Qureshi says:

sab chej par video baniya guru ji

Anas Qureshi says:

va maan gaya guru ji

mukesh kumar says:

Bahut accha lagta hai

Zakiya Begum says:

Thanks sir help. Full

Sanjana Singh says:

Thanks sir helpful

Radha Sonkar says:

Easy technique

Saurav Thakur says:

Ye ek bahut hi shandar technique hai

Rohit S d says:

Moj ka yea sek na ha bai plege bai call car o 6009652848

arawind srivatsavva says:

sir knuckle pushups ka video kigeya please

Mahesh kumar says:

Good morning sir good defense mahesh gujarat se

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