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Straight Punch To The Head – Self Defense Techniques

Straight Punch To The Head πŸ‘Š Self Defense Techniqes πŸ™ Professor David James Contact Us Here: [email protected] Our Online University: Our Facebook Channel: Our Instagram Channel:


Glock 6482 says:

Truth be told

Chiazor Olutimileyin says:


Garage Bodz says:

Until you've been live and need to survive it's crucial to practice high awareness and as close to real as is safe. Ain't no mercy in the street. This instruction trumps all others on the tube. Real πŸ’―

Charles Platts says:

You guys are the TRUTH. Yall keep it real and keep it simple. For someone who has lost a lot strength and ability due to lupus and other health issues, these are great teachings to help me take a different approach. Thank You and God Bless!!!!

Survive & Protect says:

The Professor was on one in this video!

Kevin Downey says:

Have ya'all ever done a video on someone coming up behind you and put a gun in your back?
Or comes up behind you and puts a knife to your throat?

Ted McCabe says:

I think that you’re a good person helping people with reality thank you for that

Judo Judo 1 says:

I wish I could train under you

Judo Judo 1 says:


Reginald says:

The entertainment value is off the charts πŸ˜‚

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Depends on how strong is your oponent. If put hand on me my task is to grab the hand. If strikes with the other hand i remain grip on the hand and pull as hard as i can. With whole body power involved. Hip rotation. If punches simply will be thrown away and spin around.

James Floyd says:

I love yall guys peace

Rodney Hammon says:

Straight to the point!…great stuff!…

Dapper Dez says:

I pity the fool who would dare to roll up on you! Professor James is the Truth!

Glenn Rudzik says:

Thank you gentlemen for another awesome vid. Professor Dave and Kenny. Appreciate you both. Looking forward to more. Thank you again. Peace.

β˜―π–“π–†π–“π–“π–Šπ–˜π–”π–†π–—β˜― says:

Such a spectacular teacher 🀌

Bill says:

Ous Ous. Excellent!!!

Timothy Lawson says:

Just found your channel about a month ago, love the content, thanks will share.

Keith Wright says:

I always remember vision breathing and balance keep it simple

Soul Searching says:

More straight forward direct to the point effective knowledge.. I am extremely grateful for the continuous knowledge both of you put out. AND, I see that your subscription base has dramatically increased as well, due to the no nonsense content. Congratulations and PLEASE keep doing what your doing… Anybody new to this channel will quickly see the value and hopefully tell everyone (as so many of us have already) thus hopefully saving somebody's life if needed. Continued success and Blessings to you gentlemen. OUS!!

jon covington says:

Outstanding professor D!!!!!

kevin delee says:

he touch you touch him back


man! you are excellent brother!
im goin to come to your gym brother.
ya teaching methods really work. factz

Victor Marshall says:

Reality combat… Prof David Ous…!!

Armed N Dangerous says:

Soon as hands is laid on me I'm going straight for the takedown or push off go for the leg chop then takedown it all depends to me… I love these videos, I used to be my brother's jiu-jitsu rag doll all the time a lot of is stuck with me

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