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Standing Guard Passes For Self-Defense – Fit to Fight® Fix

Jiu-jitsu has a lot of valid application in a self-defense situation. The difficult part is marrying striking and grappling together. Ryan Hoover goes through a few different options for passing guard to get to a dominant position. —- More content 👉 The Fit to Fight® Republic is a growing of like-minded martial artists searching for truth and realism in an industry currently dominated by cheap tricks and technique collectors. Follow us on Facebook for more: Get Digital Training:


Ras Alghul says:

Amber is a badass, but she is also so damn cute!!

Criostasi says:

Very nice video. Option I have learned and used most in my training was the second one (I saw it in an Eli Knight video also). One question about top position in the guard: how can be avoided that my opponent open its guard and put its knees and legs between him and me and kick it out of the guard (this is an option I use when in bottom guard). I don't want my opponent kick him out and go to standing…

Ashley Green says:

Love you 💝😋👀😛

SuperOtter13 says:

Great stuff thank you for sharing this with us!

Will C. says:

Really good! Thx!

Simon Hopkins says:

Not cheap. That's going to cost you Ryan! Lol

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