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Soulja Boy kills would be robber? Is this story true or not ? Source Video Subscribe here: – Twitter – FaceBook – Instagram – EXMGEAUTH2315


Frank Scott says:

dude get a

spideycentz says:

I ran down with my pistol turned sideways of course and yelled WHO IN THIS HOUSE. Then my cat said MEOW NIGGA and I went to sleep. The END

GarudaLegends says:

you forget to put in bold RE-ENACTMENT. lol

Ya boi JJ says:

Soulja fraud, nigga is a fraud. He tries so hard to show he bout that life

Joshua Johnson says:

bogus story. shit sounded made up on the spot type shit. even in a legit self defense shooting you still going downtown for questioning and all that…

Ya boi JJ says:

Lmaoo Soulja killed an intruder he's with the shits officially😂

spideycentz says:

Shouldn't it be Soulja Man by now he's well into adulthood. 

Maleak Space Age says:

I think Soulja boy was being over dramatic about the story .. he did protect his self which is great…. but there's a difference between self defense and sounding like a gangsta.

Keeyuh M. says:

Everytime he moves his chains sound like COWBELLS janglin'. lmaooo 😂

olduncleENZO34 says:

people get robbed everyday b.

Lost Souls Gaming says:

The story is fake the fact he did shoot a dude is real but the fact he said he grabbed his pistol when he heard there was fans outside was retarded and then the fact he said he shot him again while he was on the ground screaming would have went from self defense to murder

Toren Jones says:

Jive was that a real pistol you had? lol

Mayyz says:

It's true but he definitely embellishing though.

baimeng1 says:

All police reports and coroner reports are public record, unless it involves minors, in state of georgia,not necessarily available in digital format online,, but I am sure a local news agency would have reported on it considering where and to whom it happened to.

TooClutch99 says:

"I knew who it was" LOL

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