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Sleeper Wakes To Save The Day

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Chmee says:

Perhaps South Africa? The packaging is in English….

RC Drewy B says:

Oh john, you know we all love a good beat down same finished there 👍

khanart says:

Wish the camera didn't shut off to show more of the beating.

bullthrush says:

Dune reference?

Nick Moolchan says:

Great job..beat him till he knocks out ….I would've

Jane & Manha's Vlogs says:

Great job, the bad man not fully prepared

kokizag says:

Why didn't we get to see the real beat down, I wish I could have seen how it ended… 😢

Isaac Martinez says:

Ahhhh John. You’re so humble with that ad in the beginning showing when u only had 54k subscribers.

Oscar Gajardo says:

Bills sama waking up

Keeleb says:

Nice beat down

Aaron Johnson says:

That almost looked scripted

Arthur Clements says:

'…and the beat down begins'…I love videos with happy endings.

theres another way but some people wont seek it says:

Good thing he was resting well to be ready for anything..much like the japanese

Joe Madsen says:

I like seeing the perpetrator get his ass kicked. Those are my favorite.

chum drum says:

i want to see the beat down as well plz!

Setiaji Hermawan says:

My english isn’t really good
So play this video on 0,75x speed and active the subtitles

Lorenzo Johnson says:

One for the good guys

Luxolo Cweti says:

this is in africa surely

GeorgeShallus Doogood says:

Please join bitChute so I can leave youtube

Johnny Tran says:

I love you video !!!!!!!

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