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Situation In Wales Teaches Us Important Lessons

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Richard Head says:

dont talk shit if you cant do shit. should have apologized when he had the chance.

Dustin h says:

Thats why you dont pick fights

Geneo Trexler says:

Yep.. I expected the right coming first.

96stealth says:

I like how people have died from 1 punch, but it isn’t considered deadly until your on the ground taking a beating. One of the first 2 punches still could cause a persons death a few days later.

This guy had his bell rung likely giving him a concussion before he hit the ground. The likelyhood of him effectively defending himself at the point was little to none. He tried to cover his head. The attacker should’ve gotten 25 years with no early release. I wonder how many times he has gotten away with this in the past? When he gets out it will happen again. Next time he might kill someone.

Plus, what if no one was there to stop it. If the guy didn’t die, he most likely would have been disfigured for life. But because the guy couldn’t continue his attack he gets a less jail time?

Seven Eleven says:

Guy breaking the rule of stupid.

Gary Brizzi says:

Here's my story, how do you defend yourself when someone befriends you then cold cock's you with your hand in your pocket, other hand lifting coffee cup to your mouth, looking away smack in the nose?? Called sucker punch from a coward

Basil Fawlty says:

The sentences in this country are embarrassing and do not match the severity of the crimes.

Flint says:

Wow what a light sentence. Once you have a concussion that damage rarely heals 100%, this man suffered potentially permanent brain damage and he gets out in 2 years? Bah!

Etienne Eden says:

I know it’s hard but always got towards the legs with your head and shoulders to prevent stomps and take that bastard down.

Michael Donlon says:

The attacker should have been charged with attempted murder. The man is no longer a threat and you continue to reign down head shoots on him is taking this crime to a higher level.

TubeDeviant says:

The stomping: That's not just great bodily harm or disfigurement, he could have broken the guys neck. I would only reserve that for someone who really deserves it.. haha.

TubeDeviant says:

The bleeding heart legal system (is it in commonwealth countries..??) is absolutely disgusting. Same here in Canada. Someone can murder someone and get 7 years and get out, live in a halfway house and get "reintegrated" into society. A LOT of these parasites simply walk away from halfway houses. Same with rape. On top of that, they get "time served" so they don't even serve their entire jail sentence.

Sherry Wyllie says:

Sounds like bully played stupid games and won stupid prizes. Just try to be kind. Our generation, "If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all."

Specialist says:

Dear in the headlight syndrome. People talk about fight or flight all the time but the third, less talked about, but far more common state is freeze. This is basically the unconscious plan of standing perfectly still, so the large fast predator doesn't see you. Might work well if your being chased and you hide behind a big tree.

John, here at ASP is one of the only people I've ever heard mention it. Before that, I thought I was the only one talking about it.

I've always known about freeze. I've seen hundreds and hundreds of street fights and the uninitiated often freeze. Sometimes experienced fighters freeze, but not as often.

David Amendola says:

Thank God for those bystanders. God bless those helpers and may both parties learn from this situation that it may not happen again.

Oliver Davies says:

This is where i live, Bridgend in South Wales, reason i dont go out in the town too many pricks like this

Rooine Sondossi says:

No protec,
Dude attac,
Watch your ASP, don't get jack'd 🤷🏽‍♂️

martin sloan says:

Pretty sure the dude in the white that mans life.

Brian Johnson says:

0:38 Liok I sad mate! U flick muh fookin' 'at again, I'll bash ye fookin 'ead in! I swear on me mum!

Toomuchdebt says:

Unfortunately no off duty Brazilian cops in whales.

OldSchool Jeremy says:

Pepper spray and mace are illegal for civilian carry/use in the UK.

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