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Several Opportunities For A Counter-Ambush

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10223220 says:

If you can get rid of the threat it's time to go to work and they won't do it again 👍

Steven Nguyen says:

Yeah… Black Lives Matter!

egads2 says:

Why the fantasy responses on unarmed civilians. A few cleavers and machetes might suffice in these bodegas in particular.

wtf says:

I'm almost 60 years old, and this sort of thing has never happened to me. Now add in the fact that the chance that an American robber kills a complying victim is nearly zero. So the chance that I get taken out ina robbery is zero.


where are the several chances to counter ambush if none of the victims in the video had weapons?

Simple Man Idiris says:

It's jst tht when the good guy's do nothing that the bad guy's win.

jwolveee says:

Who else had to leave and go find criminals being shot videos?

RETLA says:

Broke BOYS.

J S says:

The guy in the white tshirt in the first video that reached toward his 4oclock looked more like he was considering giving the guy his wallet and then changed his mind.

rod van-zeller says:

If bjj worked against weapons than the gracie challenges would have allowed the challengers
to bring weapons , also if mma worked against weapons than there would not be a rule against one of the contenders bringing a weapon to the fight.
So if it would not work even in an artificial environment it would for sure fail in real life.

Sharky's Machine says:


Jeff McElroy says:

I think if the opportunity presents itself and you are armed and trained up you are doing society in general a huge service if you shoot these parasites in the face.

John Cosgrove says:

This channel has gone downhill.

theChestnutMtnTinman says:

Most companies will not cover employees Uber workman’s comp/medically. If they don’t have any skills or you have them separated then maybe. 😎

Ian Billings says:

This kind of interaction is a power dynamic. If you allow the dynamic to defeat you, the results are as people describe in other comments and end often in trauma. A lifetime of mental scars are something to consider. I personally have trained and have significant unarmed skills and physical strength. I know John always says we win every encounter we walk away from, but I would have at least tried to, for my own sake.

Ken Lucas says:

John, one thing you personally have to remember is these : 1. Most, if not all employers strictly forbid their employees to be armed. 2. If an employee is armed there's the fear of having co-workers snitching on them. 3. EVEN if an employee smokes a perp he/she may still be fired for resisting a robber.
As an armed employee (except maybe Metro PCS) , you're in a lose-lose situation.

Special EDy says:

The first video and last video, a CCW holder would of been able to walk up and take them out execution style from behind.

Brian V says:

We've seen many many instances of compliance fail. There's no way I'd let an opportunity pass to try to stop an attack. Just stop the attack.

Sahajan Khan says:

Put a sign outside that says card payments only, that will fix your problem.

The Colonel JJ says:

Lucky Gunner hasn't had any ammo in months! Just saying…

philip bohi says:

Remember the old days of ASP when dudes in Central/South America wearing motorcycle helmets into stores were obvious crooks? Nowadays, EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE looks like a robber.

Cutter J says:

…how was the camera able to follow the action in the first vid🤔

I'm a Starboy Not a Dr says:

Waiting your turn for sure, use the side of your eyes to look as well. Looking down isn't wise, no don't like right at them but always be vigilant…

Rage Fury says:

If they've already gotten what they want and you have no way to counter-ambush, get the heck out of the danger zone! If you're in the vicinity of a robbery and are not being immediately victimized, get the heck out of the danger zone! Staying in it is always a risk, and usually the robbers are there for your valuables and not your life. It's fight or flight whenever you find the opportunity, unless you have no other option but to comply in the moment for your own safety.
First video, the establishment was open and empty enough that anyone with a firearm could've counter-ambushed those two robbers, with enough places to conceal their presence and without worrying too much about their backstop.
Second video, it would be a tough call for anyone to draw on 3 armed robbers in that tiny store, especially when one of them is carrying a rifle, but I doubt that most good people with guns wouldn't have the moral standard to shoot those scums after pinning the two helpless cashiers behind the counter and pointing all their guns at their faces for seemingly no other reason than intimidation.
Third video, if the shotgun was the only weapon they had, the kitchen was a prime place to at least start the five D's. Too small space for a shotgun to be a significant enough threat, enough environmental advantage to cause the robber some real pain, and enough time to neutralize him before his accomplices could have time to intervene.

Al Anderson says:

John, can’t believe you would suggest anything other than compliance for a store robbery. There are lots of downsides and few upsides. Why risk your life and others trying to be a hero over a few dollars? What am I missing? Stay Safe…

The Web says:

You’re asking if the employee’s should take a chance of confronting the armed robbers?! They are making minimum wage from big fast food chains, or at least some sort of money making business. You must be one of those Americans filled with fantasies of bravado, armed combat, military skills. Your question is ridiculous. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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