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Serbian Beatdown Is Pretty Disturbing

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BariumCobaltNitrog3n says:

Clearly the guy that got beat on did something wrong with a woman or money. Cheating in a casino will get you this treatment so you don't come back or try it somewhere else. The guy in red and the security guard know each other. If he wanted to kill the guy, there would not be a video. This ain't no bar fight.

squidcat11 says:

Whenever these type of punks, i call 'Bar Bullies', are in the act of following after someone (who's leaving to avoid conflict) so they can 'teach them a lesson', it appears that most of these over-muscled steroid-enraged Tuff Guys aren't considering the lethal threat they (and their thug buds) represent to their intended victim who, especially if outnumbered, may not have any choice but to either shoot them all dead or have to run them over, but that's if he can even get to the car.
Tuff Guys better be aware that their sheer size and strength is enough to justify lethal force against their violent asses!

Gary Sith says:

The clock is round red shirt will get his.

dave white says:


Gg Gg says:

That was just evil!!

B4TT3RY says:

Another worthless security guard.

rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon says:

This doesn’t show the whole clip. It ends right when the guy comes back and methodically breaks both of the other guy’s arms. You don’t break the arms of someone that’s dead or dying, so I doubt an attempted murder charge will stick.

Menteri Manuk says:

So satisfying to see😂

branden dove says:

That arm flop was nasty

OldSchool Jeremy says:

Does anyone know who makes these potato cameras? Their sales seem really brisk and I'd like to invest in the company.

Servant Of God says:

😳 this dude must be related to Charlie Zelenoff!

Ender Wiggin says:

😠😠😠 dude in the red shirt would have NOT! WALKED AWAY if I was a bystander..
I don't get involved in simple fights… The dude kicking would be held off…. but as soon as dude was out and red shirt was just drilling him… Breaking a person's arm AFTER the uncalled-for fist to the face😠😠

Sandi Stava says:

Thanks for the warning. I did not watch, but listened. Wish there weren't sick people in this world.

The Redneck Superstar says:

That security guy needs fired! What’s the point in having security if they are scared to do the job?

TheOReport1994 says:

Daymn… Seribiand's don't play around.
I'd rather take a Russian.

Vanguard says:

I truly hope he does get the book thrown at him. Kick a guys ass, sure but after he was knocked out that's attempted murder.

mynamesnotrob says:

Hope he gets ten years.

JareBareXP says:

He better hope he doesint have friends bc if I found out somone did this to my buddy or even worse my family they would be lucky to survive. Jail would be his only safe place

JareBareXP says:

How and I mean HOW could you let anyone even a friend do that to someone

AJ Constantine says:

People who continue to bludgeon the unconscious partake in thee most sickening level of depravity there is, barely shy of torture. It’s so evil it causes a fkng divide by zero error in my conscience!! 😖😖😖😖🤬🤬🤬

brandonknifeguy says:

At the end he came back to stomp on his arm

_ Uch says:

Manslaughter 1.

Randy Parham says:

Pure evil!!!

Sean Poliakon says:

Broooo, he didn't show the part where he actually breaks the arms 😬 look it up

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