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Self-defense using Judo

Self-defense using Judo. I make a few assumptions here. Self-defense is not as simple as this. Also, if the person that is attacking you is skilled, then it things change. Gear FAVORITE Judo gi (trust me): BEST VALUE: My everyday affordable gi Favorite BJJ gi (super light): Full no-gi set: Softest rashguards: Favorite grappling shorts: Study Bernardo Faria Pressure passing: Amazing for Judo and Bjj Discount code: SHINTARO Favorite books that isn’t about martial arts but can help you on your journey The Alchemist Peak


Keric Wu says:

Great techniques! I'm sure these will help me in bjj

Neji Hyuuga says:

The main point of self defense is dont wait to be attacked, if the fight happen we must ready to defend. If the enemy attack first try to back step then launch a decoy attack by kicks or punchs, then do some tackle and go to the ground, shimewaza is the best choice to end the fight quickly.

Mateen Ozil says:

can you make a series on these?

snazdog dbfan says:

I didn't know you could shoot in judo

Wesam Saleh says:

Hey shintaro, can you do a video on uki waza for bjj! Thank you

Invisible Hotdog says:

Judon't know if I got a gun, judon't know if I got a knife

BillyWhiz says:

Nice intro to how judo can be used for self defence. My own two cents worth are 1) the importance of speed since the attacker is not going to throw one punch and wait to be thrown, and is likely to start gouging and thrashing once you have hold of them
2) remember judo is the sport form of traditional japanese jiu jitsu (not BJJ) after founder Abe took out all the combat / battlefield self defence elements. If you want to combine judo with self defence study some Trad Jiu Jitsu- which includes locks, strikes, takedowns, holds, and additional throws that are illegal in Judo

Greg S says:

Step 1, grow shoulder length hair

James Dotson says:

Thanks for the great techniques without the gi. I wish that I had known some of this when I was young enough to play Judo or had to defend myself from thugs.

Ownedyou says:

No Judo Chop???

MR V says:

That harai goshi like throw in the beginning was just magic.

Angel Luna Robles says:

What technique do you recommend, when attacking with many punches?

Tang Mingchen says:

NICE, thank you so much.
I personally think ‘control both arm -then sweep – knee on belly/soccer kick’ is pretty universal in a self-defense situation coz I can make sure the person I’m encountering doesn’t have any spare hand to pull out a weapon with, and I can see everything around me.

David Colonna says:

Any thoughts on self expression in judo and style development… mabey a philosophy video?

Brian Morales says:

Here we go. That’s what I’m talking about!! Thank you so much for this, I will show this to my security guards at the bar. Thank you Shintaro

Every Villain Is Lemons says:

Your vids are pure absolute genius
So many techniques & different ways in which to apply them
Thank you so much for sharing such invaluable knowledge

Woozee says:

Please, go on and on, sensei. I love talking about this stuff. This is also super applicable to BJJ and GJJ. I'm going to share this with my BJJ group.

Karasu Muhammad says:

Hey hey!! Te Guruma!!

N3DD N3DD says:

I wish there was a course like this, I practice boxing, first because I love it and it's super fun as a sport, second for the workout, and third because jab-cross-left hook to the body its extremely useful in a real combat situation, it's one of the mos free flowing and basic combinations and the goal is to set up a liver shot to put your opponent out of combat, but it's still dangerous to pull out and can do real damage, I wish I could learn and practice the basics of Judo to be applied in a self defense or real combat scenario, most Dojos I've seen focus either on the martial art, tradition and philosophy aspect (which is wonderful) or the sport part and training, there's no middle ground, I don't want to dedicate a life time of judo to become a black belt or an Olympic champion, I just want to master the basics to toss people around like they're bags of potatoes and save myself the trouble of punching them and face legal actions for the damage dealt.

Thank you kindly for your amazing work and sharing your experience and knowledge, also, the video format is great, simple, effective, sufficient, what a grand master should aim for.

b mhny82 says:

Well done. Practical Judo Applied. As my old Sensei used to say, the fight is over when I hit you in the head with the world.

Andres Jordan says:

This is my favorite channel, no long and vague intros, juts pure teaching

first name says:

LOL, I turn on captions and now I'm even more confused (they're in Dutch)

odanne29 says:

Awesome video

Carlos Gallegos says:

Remember guys, self defense is the LAST resource. Even if someone is slightly experienced or has a knife, you will probably get several hits before you can do anything, besides, YOU CAN ALSO KILL PEOPLE, if you manage to do an ippon Seoi Nage and the attacker falls badly in concrete he'll at least break his arms.
If it's just about s cellphone or a laptop, don't get in that territory!

RBMCross says:

Great video! I hope you can make more videos of self defense in Judo!

Jon Whalen says:

Grown to really like the content on this channel. Subbed!

Ali Kazan says:

Hi. Anything against kicks?

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