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Self Defense Tips – Flashlights

Self Defense Tips- Rob Pincus shows the fundamental differences in flashlights designed for use in personal defense. A Personal Defense Network original vide…


mike lud says:

i love my hx 200 insight technoligies light

Donnie Brasco says:

if you shine a flashlight at someone in the dark then your a huge target
and he can shoot you because he knows exactly were you are. It’s like look
at me! iM HERE.

CPLBSS88 says:

Surefire LX2…only thing I dont like is the lack of the ability to use
18650’s…I hope they fix that issue!

85montie says:

Thank you!

Alexander George says:

Just like the Kubaton. A weapon use to hit or attack a trigger point. Self
def flash light.

cwrowe says:

The only way to go is a rail run with light attached to it. It takes away
all these motor skills. Where you point your weapon is where the “light”
goes. Just like the “old” FBI technique with the lattern. It just has too
much going on.

scottbpike1 says:

Nitecore p25 I dont need to say anymore thank me later

Drew Ingram says:

Thanks for this vid, and as always, well done.

Rob Pincus says:

It is a Tomahawk, made by First Light.

mtower235 says:

Great stuff, recently showed my mother and some other women how to use them
and actually got them to carrying them as well after they had one
demonstrated in their CCW class. I showed them the cycle striking methods.

Collin V says:

No. If you have ever had a flashlight shined in your face you understand
aiming a gun in such conditions is near impossible… It takes training to
use it effectively however.

Marty32 says:

Really all depends on your budget, but if you’re looking for a decent
company–try Fenix or Streamlight.

85montie says:

I like that L shaped light.. Who makes it?

mike lud says:

the insight technologies hx200 blows away every 120 lumen surefire and
streamlight I have…bigger head, farther beam throw

TheTaoistmonk says:

Question what is the best personal protection flashlight out there.

Gareth Connors says:

Just purchased a 1000 lumen tactical flash light , awesome! I tried it
(very briefly) on myself in daylight. I was effectively blind for over 30

xBlueBloodx says:

Sooo I have a 2000L flashlight I always carry on my person, to bright for

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