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Self Defense, Sweeps and Takedowns Tutorial

Karate Self Derence & Sweeps & Take Down Tutorial.go to ‎to see more in-depth tutorials for FREE.


Bill Blinky says:

There’s much to like about this video & solid advice. Being
picky……..too often I notice in karate, that there’s an assumption
(especially with sweeps) that the attacker will step & end up with his
right leg in front. IMO most won’t & instead they’ll stick with the ‘boxing
stance’ & not change legs unless it’s after their hay maker. 

s.s Siddarth says:

nice video now i can escpe from the boys from their bullies

Jack Burns says:

About the knife to the throat. You’re moving the blade in the direction of
your neck when you grab the wrist. 

Mike Gonzalez says:

Very helpful, especially the takedowns.
Great video.

Robert Joseph White says:


John Bryan says:

hi there, yes i go over the part with the hands ending up around your neck
when you drop in the full virson of this video, the key is in the time it
takes you to drop and strike them , it has to be done very fast for this to
stand a chance to work well, but if they have you in the bear hug then the
hands will go to your neck next anyway, thats what i have found or they
will try and put one of your arms up your back, and the knife defence will
work with both hand or legs forward, hope this helps

ricshoto says:

good video!!!

John Bryan says:

cheers 🙂

xxablexfulxx says:

Awesome techniques !! Well done & thanks for the upload.

deoclecio antonio says:

valeu pela vidio aula aprendi um pouco valew

John Bryan says:

thanks for your coment and you are welcone 🙂

John Bryan says:

thanks for your coment, i dont think you need to worry to mush about a
martial artist as we try and stay out of fights, the key is to keep it
simple, if you have to remember to mush it wont help you at all on the
streets thats a fact, plus if your big and tall most people will just think
no he is too big lets find someone smaller lol once again thanks for your
coment 🙂

Mushin Ryu says:

good basic video.

dempseytunney says:

When you bend over and.punch? to finish them off do you really think It’s a
good idea.

John Bryan says:

your welcome, thanks for the coment 🙂

deoclecio antonio says:


Krisgomgun says:

OSU Domo arrigato!! Nice

John Bryan says:

if you follow in straight away then yes but you can also finish with a
stamping heal if you think you may get hit going is for the finish, this is
a tutorial vid so you can change things to suit you really, thanks for your
interest though.

Mayeur000Donz says:

I really wonder how I would manage against a practitioner of a martial
art… I casually practised Muay Thai, for a while, and I’m pretty tall and
heavy, so I don’t know… This was a good tutorial, though. I feel more

Slender Man says:

Ugh, if i want to fight chuck norris, ive got 100,000 vids to go..

boris999222666 says:

osoto gari is not done to the back of the knees as this may just cause the
leg to flex it is aimed at the lowe leg….

SkySiix says:

Hi. I have a little question to 2:10. If he hold very strong with all his
force, istn in dangerous to “drop” yourselfe because if u fail he got u on
the neck? Or is the point to release his arms before dropping? sorry for my
english. greets 🙂

mark smith says:

the bear hug that starts at 2.00, im a bit concernerd that the attackers
arms may end up round my neck, instead of his hands letting go when i squat
down, also the last defense against the knife, if he stabs with the knife
in his right hand and he has his left foot forward, is the sweep still
possible, im not trying to criticise any of your tecniques, im just
curious, thanks for the video all the same

John Bryan says:

just depends on how good you are really, if they are a lot bigger than you
then lower down the leg is better i agree, but i find behind the knee work
great for me but i am a bigger guy, thanks for your comment

Morgan Quimby says:

What is the name of the defense move shown at around 1:26? I am doing a
project on Shuri Ryu in my Chinese Ken-Po Martial Arts class. We have to
teach the class three different techniques, whether it be blocks, kicks,
stances, bows, or punches… We though that the move shown at the above
time would be a good technique to show. Do you have any other suggestions
for moves that are somewhat beginner, but not too basic? Maybe a stance, a
block and a punch? Thanks for your great video!

Sensei Ken says:

One of the most feasible self defense videos I’ve seen, OSU

John Bryan says:

hi,thanks for your comment, i was shown this move by a friend who was in
the special forces a while back, so there is not real name for it, i call
it the back stroke as you would do in swimming 🙂 as that is the same way
the arm moves when doing it, just make sure you turn your body to face them
as your doing it, or it will not work, and if you take a look at my channel
you may fine some other things you could use 🙂 best regard and good luck

John Bryan says:

cheers 🙂

fritzgerald cartera says:

tnx sir for the video……

Carlos Velasquez says:

Thank you! I forgot my karate skills and moves while in the holidays 🙁

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