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Self Defense Seminar in NC (w/ Eli Knight & Ryan Hoover)

The next stops on our #vanlife road trip were Virginia and Charlotte, NC to hold a self defense seminar alongside Eli Knight and Ryan Hoover at Fit to Fight Republic. Eli Knight YT: Ryan Hoover YT: SUBSCRIBE TO GET MORE #FIGHTTIPSâ–ş FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |


Dorky_D says:

hard2hurt in the house!

Adam zoabi says:

Please don't teach the side kick on the "self defense" seminar

CoffeeProblems says:

Sully is okay though right

RikelZ says:

Would you ever come to toronto?

Smash says:

Nice man bun

Ludwig Sopp says:

Hey Shane can you Show us at the next Video the Hammer kick that you've learned there i'm very interested in this kick

Alden White says:

Yo Shane, thanks for the video. I'm around that area

Nathan Barefoot says:

Hell yea my boy made it to NC

internetmaster1 says:

Man! The floor is full of sweat.

Kiezkollege says:

Ryan Hoover is the only coach I'm not looking up to on this list. Even less likable than competent.

Arno Victor Dorian says:

hey Shane !
can you please tell me the name of the music that you have used in your intro?

The Real MFWIC says:

Ryan Hoover is the man! Love his attitude, demeanor and techniques

Zero Commentary Gameplays says:

I would also like to add that I'm a gamer and I've only been in three fights in my life, as I like to avoid them and talk it out or leave. But sometimes u just don't get the option. I'm 193cms but only weigh around 73 kgs so I'm basically a walking skelleton.I have terrible endurance so i tire quickly due to my bad habbits (drinking heavily, chainsmoker, never worked out or did sports) thx

Zero Commentary Gameplays says:

shane i hope u can help me. there's this guy who is half a head shorter than me but a lot stronger and heavier. he's not fat or that slow but he hit me once and i nearly did a backflip. I landed on the top of my shoulders with my knee over my head. He allways humiliates me, makes me feel small and taunts me for no reason other than that he's stronger than me and has more strength and mass. I'm sick of getting picked on and allthough I'm not gonna go up to him and start a fight I want to be able to knock him out should he ever attack me worse then the one punch. I was lucky that time that i was drunk so I didn't rlly feel any of it, not even the next day. But I'm pretty sure if I eat a couple of his punches it will be very bad. I hope u read this and get back to me

Venx Z says:

Oh my god, these three working together, just Wow p-p this is like a dream video come true

DerRick Marrero says:

I been watching you since I was 14 I'm 26 now.crazy how time flys

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