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Self Defense Options: Monkey’s Fist Lanyard

I wanted to show one of many viable self defense options I’ve found that anyone can use, and carry (subject to change) *DISCLAIMER* I am not held liable for …


WeaponCollector says:

Great video mate, looking forward to this series to see what ideas you have.


Lookinformemarbles says:

You got a cool tool shop there. Are you gonna make any knives in the

BudgetBugout says:

It’s good to see you posting again buddy

MrKZizzle says:

Excellent vid dude!! I would put a disclaimer out in front of this video
just in case you have some idiot (and you know they’re out there) that
wants to sue you over this. Thanks for posting! Be safe..

AntwonDaBusiness says:

You are better off using your hands. Those are pretty pointless haha.
hell…mace is better and id rather use something other than mace. a little
ball on a string is NOT a deterrent haha im sorry but its not. I know that
it hurts cause I had someone hit me with one as hard as she
could…results? It hurt but it did not stop me from continuing the mock up
attack. It did not prevent me from doing harm to the other person is
ultimately what was found and she opted for mace instead.

manrico avorio says:

Glad to see you back & posting! :-)

Goblin Rat says:

On a sidenote, putting it around your finger would probably not be a good
idea. From work experience, I know that having anything tied to your
fingers can be really, really bad for you if something starts pulling on
that. It’d probably slip off before doing any harm, but if it gets stuck
somewhere or someone grabs it and yanks, it could cause serious injury.

Nathan Lindsay says:

In Australia, the laws are ridiculous

KohKAine says:

cannot? whats stopping them exactly?

Edge Snob says:

I’d rather carry a rock.

dhl671 says:

Sherman, you’re a joke and your videos suck. Go do something else because
your videos are shit. Unsubscribe…

Goblin Rat says:

The law in my country is pretty strict about these things. Technically
speaking, carrying ANY item that could be used to cause harm without an
acceptable, satisfactory reason (self defense is not, since that by its
very nature implies you’re going to use it to harm if needed. Mostly they
just allow things required in your job or hobby, and ONLY when you’re
practicing it or transporting to or from there.) in a public space (a
public space is any space that is meant to or can reasonably be expected to
be used by the public) is illegal and can lead to fines and the
confiscation of the said item. There’s no blade length laws or such, it’s
just anything and you’re in trouble. Carrying something “just in case” or
because it might come in handy is not considered a satisfactory reason at

Due to the fact that this is obviously a ridiculously wide and restrictive
definition, I know people who’ve gotten into trouble for stuff like studded
bracelets, long keychains or what have you. I even know of a case where a
carpenter got into trouble during his workday because he was wearing a
knife and an axe on his tool belt while driving. No, really. The police
apparently stopped him for whatever reason, and then confiscated and fined
him for “carrying” these tools. This was obviously an extreme case, but
such things have happened.
The chances of getting into trouble for carrying something aren’t too great
if the police have no reason to be intrested in you, but they are allowed
to check you for unrelated things, and finding an object like that is just
as damning then.

At the same time, our country has a lot of violent crime, which has made me
pretty damn worried. I have absolutely no desire to get into a fight, but
it can still happen. I live in a city, and not exactly the most calm city
either, and it just makes me wonder what I’m supposed to do if something
happens and I can’t just run away. I’ve been looking for something that
would be exempt from the law, but it’s just a very wide, very simple, very
no-exceptions law. A cellphone is the best I’ve seen, and those are
becoming smaller and smaller.
And it’s really not about the fact that I want to carry weapons all the
time. If possible, I’d preferdably NEVER get into any fights or situations
where my life’s threatened. It’s just that I’m concerned, and not entirely
unvalidly from what I’ve seen, and having something when you don’t need it
is a lot better than not having it when you do.

aikido10 says:

Most states have outlawed things like that it’s known as a slung shot. They
can get you a trip to jail. Check your stat laws about slung shot. 

Zachary Winkler says:

Great video mate! Please continue this series, I know it would be of great
use and help to your Aussie viewers including myself.
Keep it up!

Mark o'connor says:

did he say koobertong at the beginning? whats a koobertong

MMR Tactical says:

Very effective tool. Thx Sherm.

Marlon Coto says:

Nice video Sherman614, thanks

DEFON4US says:

Sure hhyperV… one good shot to the face and most people are retreating.

Marty32 says:

Hey brother just letting you know it’s oneasterisk on IG. This was a great
video and it is a good alternative to defensive carry, especially when like
here in Canada where even tho I can use a knife defensively (I have to
articulate that if I did not act I would die) I can’t carry a knife for the
*purpose* of defence. Thanks for making this video 

TimBlankJ says:


Randall Kelley says:

I know 4 people from New Zealand, they say one cannot carry a knife in
public, even a SAK. I mean really, sounds like Kali-4nia

lilmartini93 says:

First comment and fourth view :D

spyderco329 says:

I’d like to see more videos like this 

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