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Self-Defense Moves You Need To Know


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Geneva Simms


JY Assistant says:

Yo bro, why are you showing the man as the bad guy. That's sexist.

Oh I suddenly remember. Buzzfeed hates men.

Holly says:

Lmao this was so funny my fav was the escape bear hold

skippieskyepie says:

i feel bad for the guy rn

moochmoodnoom says:

I never kick someone on his groin.. Anyone wanna be my practice mate??

M45t3r_M1nd says:

Great video, but it's sad that it's still necessary.

rosie huynh says:

So legit you basically just aim for the groin. If its a girl, what do you hit, the boobs?

RagingTurtleRex says:

Lmao watch someone try asking for directions then you dig your thumbs in his eyes lmaooooo

Sky Raven says:

They’re really good actors

Rosie Cheekies says:

This is such a great and necessary video! The other day I was being followed around Target and then in the parking lot and then they started to follow me while I was driving. Pro tip: if you’re being followed by car drive to the nearest police station parking lot. Love this video, I feel a little better going out alone with these helpful tips!

Tater Totinski says:

This video should be called "How to develop a false sense of security"

STAN lee says:


EmeraldNINjAZXK let's gooo says:

Nice windows

GamersTwins 840 says:

We need more videos like these on the internet great job 👍🏼

someone unique *.* says:

R I P . . .
The man with the black shirt …

kremit the frog says:

Now I can finally say that I know karate and not be lying!

Knight Slasher says:

Sexy am I right

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