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Self Defense lessons

Self Defense lessons from the zen master, Huckleberry Rick from Mt Redondo –
Red belt in Kangoo Macaroni
Black belt in Feng Shui
7th level master of Hot yoga
Greenbelt in meditation
Casual Samurai Ceremony Man
5th-grade sushi negotiator
And many more Space Jam Juice wizard levels


Andrei Mellas says:

#DICKSLIKEJESUS when we gonna Cavort Dude?

Julien Valiquette says:

At 43 years old Simon Rex is still sexy af. :3

Enzo Ferrari says:

Hey Dirt do you know how to push someone s nose bone into their brain??!? Or pinch their upper pancreatic nerve to disable their lattissimus gluteus muscle?

These moves are for green belts and above. I’m not exactly sure of your rank. From some of your moves i would hazard to guess you re a novice, but a very enthusiastic novice with slot of potential. Keep it up. Keep it palatial brotendo!

GuerrillaOmega DS says:

Like it was 1980

Chris Ferguson says:

hitting that oil!

john kusher says:

Pussys vape

j2d2 says:

his technique alone blows doors straight off the hinges

NovaGreen Daily Diatribes says:

Low Key Simon will fuck you up

Patrick Bateman says:

If you were my dad I wouldn't be such a loser.

MRriNICKulous says:

"…any inanimate object…"
Oh the possibilities.

colby werner says:

U tha man dirt!

alexanderespinoza says:

What if I only have animate objects nearby?

Sprier says:

Bro where was the cloud my man, that was weak fam, you even blew into the coil for some more chooch a few times, then that exhale just disappointed smh

YMCMB2121 says:

Do a video with Andy or Riff Raff again so you can be irrelevant

MrCT says:

Dude what you smoking pass dat shit this way….lol

goblin87 says:

saved my life on the ruff streets of reno

Stuck in The 90s says:

i didnt know you vaped, but it all makes sence now

sharna Moss says:

fuck i love u

valgehiir says:

Fuck 'em up, bro! In a manly way, not some pussy mma style yo

Renato Laranja says:

Hit em with the dragon!

Ouka45 says:

why not to throw an animated object

Benjamin Hansen says:

You just hate me cuz im black choked by bus door

urghey123 says:

Break the wrist, walk away

Pr0x1mo says:

You need to get on the joe rogan podcast

WeHaveToWakeUP says:

I thought Corey Haim was dead! Good to see you alive again, bro! Charlie Sheen is a real jerk for what he did! You should use some of that spacejamjuice on him.

jayant says:

Alrighty then..

Baja Malibu Surf Report says:

what happend to your queer party friends??

Norman Stansfield says:

this motherfucker aint funny no more. he needs more cokecaine and prostitutes


Damn!!! No outline of the ween or nuthing?!?!
Im Out

Yarnell Riley says:

Dude you need a guest appearance on The Ranch (Netflix). Make it happen!

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