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Self Defense Krav Maga Close Combat

I am not owner of this video, but it’s legal to share. Self Defense Krav Close Combat, kung fu, karate, fight, street, battle.


MrDeathd says:

How does Krav Maga compare to Kajukenbo

john sullivan says:

i was told that if an attacker comes within 6 feet your aleady dead

zakmiltan says:

true, but keysi is much more realistic in a real fight

Marc S says:

The most gay krav maga demeo ever seen

Marc S says:

sapiens ?

MerumMinus88 says:

It’s just my impression or are you inviting me to an duel? C’mon guy, you
even know me, probably we are distant… unless you live in Brazil we CAN’T
“fight” and i can’t show you how self-superestimation is a DANGER. Second,
my commentary about balls was much more an little joke than an opinion.

Lux Pskn says:

Yeah cause KM is only in balls? hehe Durak. And even in the genitals, a
front kick after trainning putt girls or guys on the floor ^^ But if you
wanna test, no hit in the balls, and I destroy yoy in less than 30 sec 🙂

Morris Jackson says:

I tried some of this shit on an 8 year-old. Worked like a charm.

TaiChiDragon says:

Yes there is. Actually its a women loosely translating for you. You pick
the language of choice, 4 languages I think. But the bad news is I had to
buy it, don’t know if you can get it of youtube in English. Go to amazon
and type in Alain Formaggio and you’ll get all his DVD’s. I think there is
another one on youtube that gives an English option, I eventually bought
that of amazon as well, but it is complete here. Just type in his name.His
DVD’s are region 1 as well as all regions.

Tolyan787T says:

Всем яйца по отбивал )))))) Да нахер такой тренер

dultima11 says:

Is there an English version??

Krisztian76 says:

Art juif. Sans noblesse, sans scrupule.

PanHustej says:

ok cool apology accepted.. its fine.. but the other guy has to apologize..
not you really.. good day

TanjihShou says:

Oh yeah, we should get our eye torn out instead, without defending
ourselves. Good idea.

Hans Schmitt says:

yeah… u r right.. i apologize… we had some missunderstanding…coz of
that asshole thingy i thought u were the other guy

PanHustej says:

I dont have anything to apologize for.. the queer above does!

Hans Schmitt says:

i bet you never apologized

Ebor York says:

How do you figure. I guess you are refering to the groin strikes. Do you
think that women have no feelings there. Of course it is a nerve point in
women as well as men. You have just exposed yourself as someone who has
never had sex.

PanHustej says:

Ahh – right, so I have to be the one to take bashing from all the queers
from the around the world and then be “matey” with them and trying to help
them and explain everything, while anytime they feel like bully me, I
should accept?? Yeah, right buddy.. Why don’t you do that when you advice
me – hm??

PanHustej says:

I not talking about “who is from where” that’s for the first ok?? Second
the dickhead said that the guy have “accent” – the guy on the video doesn’t
have an accent, he CANNOT HAVE AN ACCENT because he is speaking French..
“accent” can have only person that speaks in foreigner tongue from his
mother tongue.. So, to summarize this, I dont need to “calm down” you
asshole, but the only person need to calm down here is the queer guy and
plus he should apologize, but pigs never apologize – ok??..

Marian Mana says:

Crazy clip. Amazing movie. My pal was formerly a fatty. He went from 283
lbs of fat to 201 lbs of pure muscle mass. Everyone was in shock. I just
signed up personally because I wanna beef up. He made use of the Muscle
Building Bible (Google it)…

Hans Schmitt says:

You my czech buddy and hugh …u both should calm down.. peace on
earth,guys…doesn’t matter where you are from… <

fabridel59 says:

très bonne représentations merci à vous ..

Jonny Thunder says:

Ive got a black belt in origami. I can inflict a bad paper cut if required.

Adrian Muszyński says:

No, it leaves one person with one eye. How the f… is the last blind guy
supposed to take the last one eyed guy?!

Lolita Clemence says:

très bonne vidéo jan fait a moisac 😀

tony175 says:

MDR à 15:28 “Manu tu descends?” mdr!!! On n’a même pas le temps t’entendre
le “ben pour quoi faire?..” que l’adversaire est déjà au sol! mdr…
Cependant, excellente vidéo très utile et réaliste sur le self défense!

Hugh Jaanus says:

Tell that to someone pointing a shotgun at you. Hee hee.

vgman94 says:

Click “show comment” to go on an adventure! … A very depressing adventure.

vgman94 says:

Technically that’s using fear, not strength.

Carlos Pereira says:


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