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Self-Defense Instructor vs 2 Street Thugs

Want more self-defense material? ▻ Have you ever thought of a scary attack happening to you? For example, you are walking down the street and suddenly realize that…


Rubber Ritchie says:

Why not try to run off and scream? Looks like you’d have in reality even
with high level of skills been stabbed 10 times. 

THe Fat NinJA says:

Lol nice video its too bad that it doesnt matter how much training you have
chances are youll end up dead or seriously injured in this type of
situation. However having a sound strategy is probably a good idea

Mat Broomfield says:

Everything in that video is EXACTLY how I train. Use the front kick to
maintain distance, attack the least dangerous one to use as a shield and
continue to strike from behind. Was glad to see how quickly your adrenaline
burned up your energy. That’s the trouble with 2 on 1s. You need to finish
those fights QUICK before you drop.

Great work Nick!

Zaid Khan says:

Yes I’ve just enjoyed the video and I am so glad that now you have your
own website 🙂
Yes I am gonna share this video 🙂 But some questions..What about a
headbutt to any of them? Should I do this when I’ll be involved in this
kind of situation?

Nick Drossos says:

Hi guys, Here is an exciting new video! Enjoy, comment and share it with
your friends and family. Thanks and stay safe.

sven coolkayaker says:

Nick, great video, but in such an open area, wouldn’t it be best to run
rather than fight (2+knife on one)? Those first few seconds seemed to
leave both options. Can you do a video on avoidance: when to run.

Jo Prime says:

Forget the haters nick; your videos are great keep doing them!

Devyn Singh says:

Very nice. 

KaDeR23100 says:

I bet it took so much energy :D

Gene Burnett says:

Hey Nick, I really think you should have your attackers wear bright orange
vests or something…I’m afraid some cop is going to shoot your ass out
there. ;~) But good stuff for sure. 

Ronynful says:

nice one nick..very instructive!

italy nigga says:

good vid as always! youre from canada right?

Ponz says:

Great vid it was messy and unpredictable like real life nice.

TrailrunnerUSA says:

Very nice

ondra vasil says:

Greetings from the Czech guy maybe we’ll ever see live

Rekoil US says:

Whoa! What an ability to cover 2 intense knive strikes, nice video I would
like to move as fast as you.

Jay Mackie says:

Thanks Nick. It would be nice if your “attackers” could suit up more than
just the helmets. Your head strikes looked full on, the other strikes were
hard to tell..maybe bad lighting..the kick was no contact, pulled. I
appreciate the difficulties, understand training considerations. The
scenario set up for me was a bit weak as an ambush. You walked around the
car and into the street. I am uncertain when you saw your “attackers” as
they are out of frame, you meet in the street as they rush you coming from
a direction that would be square on nnn

silatk says:

Some suggest the option of running but the attackers are already in motion.
The surprise attack and reaction time, I myself not sure if I could gain
enough speed to get away. Also how would I do it specially if need to
protect myself from a reach with a knife. It would be nice to see a video
with the option of running to see how effective it could be.

Cameron Hoover says:

cool video

dreadheadninja says:

Always doing the best job at keeping it real as possible! I love that about
all your videos. No bullshit.

tex says:

Lol your a joke dude

OperatorDynamic says:

Great video Nick. I think this is a really good exercise. Nice job of
using the unarmed attacker as a defense against the blade. I know you made
this video to show the actual physical interaction between the attackers
and defender, but consider that when the attackers rushed forward, you had
just passed a vehicle. What a gift that would be in this scenario. You
could have retreated behind it. If they stay as a pair, you could play
ring around the rosy, giving you a breath to draw your own weapon,
formulate an attack etc. Even if they split instantly, you’ve guaranteed a
1 on 1 for at least a moment. Never forget to use your environment to your
advantage! A great thing about filming these exercises is the opportunity
for an after action analysis, I’d point out that at :20 you had control of
the blade hand and let it go. Immediately after – the attackers were off
balance and hip to hip. A strong low push kick to the knife man would have
probably toppled them both. Great work on this video Nick, keep them

AvatarTwasCheesy says:

Yeah, you should do it with a white shirt and pen markers next time to see
how many times the “knife” would make contact.

Anon Anoni says:

Intense man…I guess its also good to be able to run as well in a
situation like this especially if one is untrained.

Spiguel says:

nice video there, I miss those white shirts and markers ;)

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