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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] BRAIN TIME ► 1. Yellow Jacket All 2. TASER Pulse+ TASER Pulse+ 3. InstaFire 4. SCHF50F T-Handle
SCHF50- Schrade® T-Handle Fixed Blade
Zore X Core 9×19
6. ZAP Blast Knuckle ZAP™ Blast Knuckles Stun Gun Black w/ Holster 950K 7. Tiger Lady Tigerlady Self-Defense Claw 8. The Defender


Momo Jackcraft says:

Number infinity: A Glock

BlueBlazeKingX 89 says:

this video:
the UK: no

Joni Wintholz says:

Guns don’t kill people people kill people

Unknown Soldier says:

Cattle prod and bear spray

Exterminator says:

I am retired and walk every night for 2 hours and carry a large can of "Bear spray" and a Glock 21 on a chest rig. I have never had to use either one yet as a civilian, but as a veteran…..I can assure you that they both work.

Magical Mongoose says:

my question is, why are women running around in areas where they could get in danger so much?

Jaap Soorsma says:

For people who want to live in fear every day, that's healthy!!

Matthew Carlson says:

A gun lock that costs $1000?! Who in the hell is going to want the damn thing? Plus, you have to type the unlock code ON YOUR PHONE! So what happens if your phone has a drop in coverage, I guess you run like hell from the assailant until coverage returns. If someone wants this lock, they must really want a very expressive and inconvenient lock.

Sounds_like_a_plan says:

Thankfully we don’t any of that crap where we live….

XO Adez says:

"Hey, stop being lazy it's time to use tha…"

*Close video*

DemnDaizu says:

All of this should be always used in the philippines

zDisigma_ says:

6:29 Back to Black ops 2 Zombie, when the teaser costs 6000 points.

Ununseptium - says:

Would be funny shocking myself when reaching my phone in my pocket

Robert Acree says:

Epoch News is Russian based misinformation. I will now block TechZone forever. #stoprussia

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