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Self Defense Against Illegal Guys

Ray Amsley T shirt


Shanna Burst says:


Jakob Wester says:

I am so tired of illegal guys 🙁
Good thing Ray Amsley is there!

Charles Talley says:

Wont get murdered again.. tnx for the cheap video..

Jared Mitchell says:

I sent this to my brother who actually has a prosthetic leg. He though it
was funny as hell also. Nice job keep it up. 

Justin Pogue says:

I wonder if he gets in character by watching Criss Angel.

Hyurk Biff says:

The best part is, thats not even right. Its just his leg is bent into one.

Mike H says:

They take the psy cho path lmao

mulewax says:

whats the name of the music playing @ 3:16?

BrentBTV says:

Wow, I always love new fans! Thanks(:

tantalicatom689 says:

Editing this video is probably harder than any piece of shit you make. And
don’t get so butt hurt when someone calls your videos shit right after
doing that to this guy. You can voice your opinion, but don’t expect people
not to do it to you.

MonopolyBag says:


Garibay1203 says:

No rule numba one?!.

kmgenius says:

Now where can I buy these tapes.?

zedan4 says:

Obviously not. I’m just curious to how he manages to make it look so real 🙂

Finn McCool says:

i’m totally taking the psycho-path to my next destination.

Moe Aly says:

29.99$,shut up and take my parents money.

Mad Shatter says:

3:09 you can see his leg in his pants.

sammysf415 says:


ישו חי says:

lol, this is king of eating throats in Chinese: 王吃的喉嚨

scoza says:

How did he diguise his legs?

Juan Achmed says:

lowell mass!!?/ i live near there so random

Azazel ciort says:

do you cut leg with blender ? OMG it’s horrible !

Eric Pewez says:

how did he get his leg like that?:DD i wanna do a prank on mah momm!

Finn McCool says:

the ernie reyes jr. vanish

Ev L says:

He just bends it back so that his foot touches his butt, he must be pretty

ImMarX says:

he cut off his leg just for this video, after it he grew it back

Spirit Kyatt says:

how did your leg feel after this? 😮

Kingsley Blancher says:

Ray im sick n tired of gettin beat up all the time! I need tha numbah to
order tha tape. I got like 40 dollas from cuttin grasses and allowance.

A-ShackNasty says:

How did he do that with his day

ZlPPoPoT says:

Look how tight his right leg trousers are, he’s obviously just bent his leg
and put the trousers on, with his foot flat against his arse.

Logan5Greye says:

You can definitely see his leg bent back up into his pants. That was the
best part

Progearspec says:

Who would have thought having a peg-leg was so lethal ~_^

zedan4 says:

*sigh* I’m using my eyes, yet I see no effects or anyway of telling it’s
fake. I’d love to dress like this for halloween! 🙂

oween5 says:

lol he has so many stories of how his leg was cut off

DIY Tinker says:

3:01 explains how he did it

poesidon2323 says:

he has his heel against his calf. its squished really tight. (im sure about
100 people have told you, but in case they havent)

AnalWave says:

So tired of getting murdered.

Toxikyle1 says:

1:27 if you look closely, thats not a real person.

Swedish Otaku says:

Why do u even ask? Do u think he cut his leg off just for this?

TigerPhenix says:

I cried so Hard, laughing and had to watch it 3xs over.

Bryantzerox says:

@ 1:02

Tremuto says:

He did get his leg cut off, so we can’t really blame him if his memory is a
little fuzzy due to dying so much.

Guillermo Valdivia says:

Sir Curity. Damn I love this video.

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