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Self defence. Street fighter. Soft blow.#selfdefence #boxing #fight #fighter #streetfighter


@NuhovicErmin says:

It's danger to hit drunk people

@guto35617 says:

He was not fighting he was flirting 😂

@tysonrobles6835 says:

With the first one, you reset the system and reconfigure it.

@fonta6969 says:

Como unas cabra

@theodorpawlov6789 says:

Thats why you dont want these people around, they are just simply sick.

@maurocappelluti5368 says:

Bell insegnamento

@karlgreenkgv says:

In fact the big guy gave a big slap in the face of the stupid guy in the complete video. This happened in Madrid around 4 or 6 years ago but the shock wave could be heard in Kiev, that's why you knew this fact🤣. I really think that the drunk guy still feel pain….if he is alive.

@TheUltimate-tg9ge says:

Dude upload some sparring footage. Stop posing

@krakkadael says:

Такой бугай и лещом убить может

@zeljanovakovic4922 says:

Svaka cast brate😂😂😂

@otajontv1903 says:

Шапалак на скорости света😂😂😂

@thabisomasha2560 says:

Hell yeah😂😂😂😂coach

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