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Self-Defence Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now

HERO 2020
HERO® 2020
Monkey Fist Tactical Wallets Belt Buckle Knife Taurus Curve Mace pepper gun 2.0 TaskOne SCPEN4O MUNIO Zap Blast Knuckles & Zap Cane` Pepper Spray Bracelet Sting Ring Fighting Stick For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]


Art Mullen says:

Check your local laws. Monkey fists were originally developed by the Navy to aid in casting lines between vessels. They're illegal in a lot of municipalities. Same with buckle knives.

Tolik says:

Just remember folks , anything that requires putting together , in any way , no matter how easy , or fast ………….may take more time than you have . Anything you get , needs to be ready to go , as is , right now , by design , for it to be of any real value to you .

simon bridges says:

Well of course you can defend yourself with any of these and in some places you can probably buy them, too. But you're still getting banged up for carrying an offensive weapon with intent. Dickhead.

Hines57 a says:

The hero 2020 will leave your attacker feeling hot and burning much like a menopausal woman with a venereal disease😂

annA48126 says:

Yes, the thought of those three key rings jangling in front of my face on the Munio is terrifying. 😁

Paul RupRai says:

What about grizzly

Astaroth says:

Yeah you also need to mention that Monkey fist is illegal in many places.

marvin lagos says:

If the ball is marfil I dont Buy This article never for the elephants

Steven Meatsandwich says:

You cant buy a taurus curve right now!!! You need to fill out a background check first, so if you going to do that just buy a regular handgun!!! Maybe a 9mm!!!

Brian Argo says:

Am I seeing that right? The hands that r showing off the sting ring had hairy knuckles but yet painted finger nails? Well this is 2023 and the Men of today's world do need a such thing as a sting ring😂😂

Brian Argo says:

I think that Veto had it wrong in the movie JOHN WICK. It was this pen and not a pencil that JW killed those 3 guys in the bar. 😂

Ad Bakvis says:

Is it just me or do some of these things look like something the Joker would use in a Batman comic? I mean, a SHOCK RING?

Jeremy Shelton says:

The Hero 2020 is ill conceived and badly designed. It has the wonderful grip ergonomics of the Zip Gun. How do you grip it? Fail.

empoweredshemphoward says:

Most of this stuff is only legal in the usa. monkey fists, pepper spray, stun guns and knuckles are all prohibited in canada.

Michael Rostosky says:

Task one should have a paperwork Version

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