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Security Guard Takes Hammer To The Head

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Billy Hollister says:

He took much more than a couple off the noodle. I counted 9 blows to his skull, and that 9th one was extra vicious.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent says:

I know he had the biggest headache after that

Timothy Tjiane says:

He was really hammered but kept fighting, glad he survived.

Mookie Spindlehurst says:

No big deal, but it was stated that "the guard got the hammer back," but the guard didn't have the hammer to start with. The thief had it. [That guard sure was poorly armed, as in NO ARMS!😫😆. And to have survived all of those blows, did he have a metal plate sewed into his skull after surviving a previous attack like this?]

C2DaRok says:


Gerardo Martinez says:

Guarda was too Brave or too stupid 🤷🤷

B Peaceful B Peaceful says:


Sylvester says:


Oliver Delgado says:

Gave me a headache just watching

Jack Straws says:

No boots either on the guard, and no combat training.

1814 Mekroimena says:

What do you call John when he’s in Canada?

North Corea

Stephen Murray says:

All that for minimum wage

Stop all war With bubble Bots says:

Fuck man. That was Thiago Santos vs Glover! I don’t think bjj would have helped but who knows.

Moe Chowdhury says:

That guy deserves a medal. I saw a lady get fired from the security company only because she didn’t do anything when the thief had guns trained on her. In India people make cents to what we make here in USA. At least some standing ovation because the thief’s face is plastered everywhere by now. Our guard is prob gonna go to the hospital, be in debt cuz people have to pay to get treatment in that part of the world, then lose months of work unpaid then go back to support his fam

relaxation 23 says:

Well don't be a security guard who doesn't have a firearm or any self defense skills what so ever good God it's like he wanted to get beat

VendettaRecords100 says:

He got his asp whipped

Rio Bravo says:

Holy smokes, anybody elses head hurt after watching that?

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