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Security Guard Responds Quickly And Effectively To Armed Robber

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Cervantes Mloco says:

Sr u a Badass m

millermonsterair says:

its a hard question you asked….here is why i say that:

 a guy pulled a knife on me one night a few years ago. i had decided to go to the store, kinda late at night and while i was walking toward the front of the store from the side of the building, i got lucky and was able to take the knife from him, fold it, put it into my pocket to remove it from the fight, and choked him out. it was over, so i just continued to the front of the store, where i was going to toss the knife into one of the trash cans and go into the store to get a few things to eat. well, about 5ft from the trashcan, i got surrounded by Bakersfield Police. well, there was a guy who had been sitting down more toward the back of the store in a tow truck and he called 911 when he saw a fight and reported what he saw. the problem is, he didnt see the guy pull the knife on me, but he did see me choking the one guy out, get up and then walk toward the front of the store.

I WAS CHARGED WITH ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON because i had that knife in my pocket and because of the call from the guy in the tow truck. the charge actually stuck because they refused to get prints from the knife and not only did they only use the 911 call, but they used the guy who pulled the knife on me testimony…..

so, no. DO NOT pick up someone elses weapon unless your life depends on doing so, but even then, be prepared to fight it in court and lose. at least youre alive though, which is better than taking a false charge.

you know what really pissed me off even more? when i was being released from jail after serving my time on that false charge, that gd knife was in my property and the jail handed it to me during release. i threw it away in the first trashcan i saw…. ugh… it still makes my blood boil and that was 12yrs ago.

i was very lucky that i managed to get that charge expunged a couple years ago. the judge during the expungement hearing decided to look at the case and even he got kind of mad that i was charged and convicted the way i was, so he expunged it from my record.

Kyle white says:

Good shit homie handled it well and professionally

Pale Horse89 says:

That's was a bad ass moment

Ruben Scott says:

Lucky that was perfect timing

Gallegaditas TV says:

Is that Cooler? I think that's the legendary bouncer, Cooler from Threat Response System.

asldigga06 says:

could've easily been staged… I don't believe it.

CHE LIS says:

Robber got clean out by Mr. Clean.

elcharko al100 says:

If its not a cap gun from the ice cream man… you got to turn up right? But purp ran off ..

IDNHANTU2day says:

Here's a better question. One which I ask officers and other ccw folks. This is a question for on duty, off duty, and everyday carry. Many in this group rarely give a proper answer and freeze on the response.

You disarm a person, and you create distance by stepping away and you arm yourself with your own firearm.

The perp, for some reason, doesn't run away but instead, starts walking towards you. He appears to be unarmed, nothing in his hands. But he is challenging you and and continues to approach you.

Will you shoot him?

The reason many freeze on the answer is because they have been indoctrinated into the "Don't shoot an unarmed man, resort to your less than lethal" bullshit mentality.

The reality is that this POS had a firearm pointed at you and because of your training, you were able to turn things around. You are now in possession of two firearms. You have two firearms to protect and retain. Do you know how hard it is to fight a man with a gun in each hand?

This is already programmed into my brain. I bypass the, "OH my God?! How is this going to look? Will I go to jail? I'm I going to get sued? What will the Monday morning quarterback echelon think?" bullshit.

Shoot the mother effer!

Stay safe everyone!

Andy Craddock says:

Excellent job by the bouncer IMO. I would have been scared out of my mind. Well done.

Thanks for posting John.

sid scott says:

I would use the gun if needed if he has a buddy im using what i have on hand

W1ldt1m says:

Once I get the gun I'm in get distance mode if they persue I'm gonna use whatever is in my hand.

Jim C says:

Good role play in the video. Definitely staged.

TigTk421 says:

“You exchanged weapons? …you went into battle with an unproven rifle? (Deep breath)”

– Michael Douglas
(Ghost and the Darkness)

Sub To pewdiepie & mrbeast says:

The bodyguard works for the CIA this his side job

Robert Meza says:

He did to the letter

warmonger2500 says:

If you take one away it will absolutely work as a club. I might immediately try to use it in a lethal threat scenario (by charging it) but would switch to mine as soon as possible.

Trump One says:

I would use it on him only if he was continuing the attack but since he turned and ran there was no need.

eder B says:

He's bringing this video to his next job interview 🤣 just amazing!

Bad Cypher says:

That bodyguard is a beast

Roger Bon says:

We have never seen you protect your self

nick hahn says:

Bounced for 10 years. Hats off to this absolute legend. We need more like him.

bryan sterling says:

With the condition red of the situation and the adrenaline pumping I would take the gun and empty the clip on the target threat

Jeremy Oakley says:

handled his business like a freaking PRO!!!

Mr Da Vinci says:

Great instincts. Training pays off again.

Blizz says:

Lmao you suck!! How you let him take your gun

Kevin Alan says:

I don't know what type of gun it is in that rush. Does it have a safety is it loaded how many does it hold hell does it even shoot IDK but I know everything about mine so theirs is going to the ground

MySide OnU says:

I would toss it and use my own firearm.

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