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Security Guard Gets the Drop on Bank Robber

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Ken Sundstrom says:

The security officer did a great job.

mmm yum says:

When I was working security in AZ last year we weren't allowed to carry any form of self defense, and we weren't issued any self defense either.

derrick stewart says:

filmed 🎥on a potato , oh wait he did say they’re in Alabama.

Priest says:

He’ll probably get out the next day due to bail reform.

benedit71 says:

An environmentally responsible robber who brings his own bag.

Joy Houser says:

Hey John do you keep your trigger set the entire time? Once he lays down I would probably ease off my trigger a bit to prevent negligent discharge but who knows with an adrenaline dump.

Chris Dogan says:

And then his pooper scooper goes from "." to "O"

Orenthal Simpson says:

You can tell that dude watches this channel, he didn't try to step on his back or do anyting dumb

Steezy Dan says:

Dead To Rights ™

LethalMercury says:

I knew it was a bank robbery when I saw that the security camera resolution was 240P.

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