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SDPD Free Of Charges After Crazy RV Park Situation

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M W says:

The main lesson – don't do drugs!!!

bin chicken says:

I can't believe those mean cops killed an innocent man,they should use tazers…Jk, could you imagine😂🤣good riddance i say.

Tonylopezzz232 Lopez says:

There is a school!!! Right in front of where it happened I live in San Ysidro it’s was a scary day

Jacob Harris says:

my only care was for the rifle that got all scratched up and now will be melted down for no wrong doing.

rihsyan adam riansyah says:

headshot ? just put a tourniquet on his neck

Phillip Porter says:

If you can't hit a man sized target 4 times at 60 yards with a scoped AR, you need a shotgun.

BroncoSolid says:

Who else was waiting for the missile to take him out, like a wartime aerial video?

BroncoSolid says:

Only 893 comments so far. Nice. I made the top 900.

Auklin says:

I'd be paranoid if that thing was circling over my house.

Gunner says:

I'm not sure this is appropriate, but isn't it pretty how the sun reflects off his blood-puddle? 4:02

001Rupes says:

A slightly heavy set guy in a red shirt and black trousers (pants)? I thought for a second it looked like you, John. 😉

deez nutz says:

Fuck man has this cop never carried a damn rifle


As you sow, so shall you reap. A loss of human life is always painful, especially in such fashion. 🙁

philip bohi says:

He wore the red shirt so we couldn't see him bleed.
He should have worn his brown pants too…because he got the poop knocked out of him by that officers shot.

Zed King says:

I thought the AK was illegal to own.

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