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Rochester Officer Stops Mentally Disturbed Man

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Peaceganjareggae says:

The officer did everything he could.

Steph Fran says:

If anyone is to blame it's the system/government. Not that long ago we had insane asylums, I guess they cost too much to operate and now we get to witness the result's on a daily basis. I've heard the argument, "the problem is many of these people don't wanna go to an insane asylum", um it's not a choice.

De Mel says:

All the officers in the cars, they could have hit him with their vehicle.

Patrick Holt says:

Much respect for those that put on that uniform these days.

Patrick Holt says:

The world needs dedicated mental institutions. I don't understand why these people are let out and medicated. This dude might have missed a dose or two that led to this. Law enforcement also needs something more dependable than tazers as a less lethal.

Knofi says:

At 3:41 they could have hit him with the police car…

eily says:

he already had the death snore.
the cop is a good guy, he did everything he can.

twinzturbo says:

Favorite and fed don't go in the same… Sentence. 🤝

Jim says:

Been better to have drove into him with one of the cop cars?

The Settlemonster says:

Trauma kits on your person are for you. Not others.
All other points I completely agree with.

Elle Cee says:

So "Stops" in the title is code for Kills.

Robert Ramirez says:

Hate this because your going to have ppl in the community saying the cops killed him even with all the evidence shown that there going to tell the younger gen oh the police killed your uncle for no reason then the hate for the police forwards to the next gen

King Kidd says:

5:34 Where'd you find that really tall baby John? By the time he's 17 he'll probably be NBA tall

highgrade1980 says:

Maybe hit him with the car? Sad situation either way.

MR says:

aim i the legs w:en the have a knife and a teasers

Jared says:

Hey…you're supposed to stand on the left….you're breaking code

Tina Marie says:

I GREATLY APPRECIATE this cop backing up the way he did. If all cops did this I don't think ppl would be outraged all the time.

Jeremy H. says:

In my training we where told to only shot once and see how he reacts. He did react to the first shot. If you slow it down it’s pretty clear. That’s what I thing is outrageous in American police training.

Bertus Bagalomeus says:

What's with the officer adding ''boss'' to every sentence? Rather annoying and patronizing to the suspect.

ExplicitTripzz says:

Sad but unfortunate.

Derrick Santos says:

Unfortunate that it had to come to this

AndyHwell says:

I fuckin hate people that say "boss" . Good way to give him mental control…And how come the cop in the car didn't ram the knife wielder???? The car is safe from a knife. These dudes need training

Carlos C says:

When they say shoot me I’d just say ok and get it over with.

Vesa Julin says:

I was hoping they put him under the cruiser. Then not needing to kill him.

StoicPrepper 71 says:

Your channel has become a huge pile of useless crap.

Trevorthepole says:

It still always makes me question why they don’t train to shoot the leg, then try to disarm with tasers. I know everything is dangerous but still. Where’s the bola wrap? Anything other then going for kill shots. Maybe taking a accurate shot before he is in that 10-20ft distance.
I’m not well versed but it still a shame to see hurt people die.

Nick says:

CNN: Racist white cops shoot another peaceful black man on a casual walk in his neighborhood.

J L says:

I don't understand why immobilising shots to lower legs or shots to the concrete at someone's feet aren't used initially used while officers have the space to do it.

Clone Biker says:

"I need you to not kill me for jesus" I wonder how many times that sentence has been said before lmao

ANNO nymus says:

Me thinking there is pellet guns but no

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