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Robber Meets Prepared Private Citizen In Brazil

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@ActiveSelfProtection says:

For everyone commenting on the woman to his left: if you look carefully she is pulling out her phone. She's not carrying a gun.

@user-dg2mu8tx1t says:


@keiko909 says:

The robber didn’t cover his ASP…

@dandrefalcon3963 says:

I love a Happy Ending! 😊

@jarrettscott1914 says:

In my previous comment, I made the statement that he had that firearm drawn with a pretty good double handed purchase and did all that within 2-3 seconds.. posted the comment, then less than 60 seconds later John confirmed my judgement on the draw time at something like 3.5 seconds .. which he says is "terribly slow" but for a civilian, in a random situation like this that I'm sure he wasn't expecting, while also disengaging the safety, all while keeping calm as a cucumber.. is pretty fast if you ask me.

@christopherhicks1413 says:

J cor looking fit brother kudos

@nedbass1 says:

That was beautiful!!

@waktosha7378 says:

I would have waited to call the police so the perp could finish taking the floor temperature challenge!

@4everr8 says:

"Live by the sword, die by the sword"

@rockymountainhigh9379 says:

The Kush job of hanging out. Nice.

@holyhandgrenadeofantioch2234 says:

We need much more background information: what kind of weird room is that? Doesn't look like a counter to sell over, not really a place go chillout, not an office… weird.

@zyg0s112 says:

Damn bro I haven't been on your channel Ina cool minute I didn't recognize you!!

@ardmagnuson7403 says:


Your weight loss looks great. I lost 60 lbs about 4.5 years ago by managing Mtl sugar levels (limited white flour, white rice, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners. It has been almost 5 years and my weight has only deviated 5 lbs. I hope that you have found your groove!! Still love your content!

@EarlHall-zi4cm says:

He lived to hopefully regret his poor choices in life. He now gets the opportunity to reform himself in prison

@senseiii3986 says:

Bro went full fibs-tard. You never go full fibs-tard

@Mach1Airspace says:

Imagine screwing up your robbery, then getting hit with 5 bullets, and finally end up with what, doing 20 yrs in Max? Should have stayed in bed bro.

@ltjimdangle2003 says:

For those worried to carry with it loaded and ready but not on safe…. Beretta 92s have a two sided thumb safety/decocker switch that is very easy to flip off and it is also a double action so the hammer doesn’t need cocked back to fire you can just pull the trigger even if not cocked

@SwedeSpeeder says:

This guy is gonna be poopin' into a bag the rest of his life, in a wheelchair.

@1001Hobbies says:

The woman at the corner of the counter appeared to have a gun at appendix as well because you see her ALSO reach to the front of her waist after she realizes a robbery is in progress, but she is really slow to the draw, and the man to her right already gets his gun out and shoots the perp. Watch here……she really seems to have been carrying at that time as well with her motions.

@lou4string says:

Self defense tactics

@ownSystem says:

Good guts and glory and good luck always is on the good guys side

@ownSystem says:

In brazil 🇧🇷 guns never go out for this reason conceal and carry should teach gun owners what u should and not 🙂 dont mess around and find out 🙂

@USAMontanan says:

You know a LOT of people get off watching these videos. That’s why if there really were a god he would’ve destroyed all of mankind centuries ago

@OG_Rider says:

As Meatloaf once said. 5 out of 6 ain’t bad.

@micklathrop3554 says:

In America significant charges means a day in jail with a judge saying don't do that again. People are victimized by the perp and again by the courts.

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