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Restaurant Brawl Turns Into Gun Fight

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KingOfTheJuice666 says:

After all of this craziness, the only thing I know for sure is dude deserves to win the civil suit and get paid. Cop shot far too soon. Why demand “drop it” if you won’t give them the chance to do so? Shoot on sight of barrel, not sight of gun. Shoot when they raise it. You just got here, you don’t know what’s up yet. Only shoot to defend yourself.

Jo Sto says:

Ended best way possible. Fuck around and find out situations.

GS9 PULSE says:

on camera when the bald cop took the first shot you can clearly see the mans hands are up

rock o says:

This was great, since no innocent bystanders were injured.

fishgoh0nk says:

Literally a scene from The Boondocks – A N Moment

Kay K says:

The media will never air this because it is black on black crime. Apparently, that is a myth started by us white supremacist republicans. I believe what I actually see but I’m constantly told that I’m not really seeing anything.

SoundOf1HandClapping says:

Looks like a case of awful but lawful. Blue Undies reacted to an attack (the punches) with proportional force, and even managed to disarm one of the threats when they escalated to deadly force (bringing out the gun).

Cops go in with what I assume is information about a fight with a gun in play, and had to make a split second decision when they see that gun.

Don't think any of the cops should be criminally charged, but I hope Blue Undies wins his lawsuit.

Aaron Patten says:

Dude shoulda disassembled the gun, at the very least drop the mag and empty the chamber

Christopher Sanders says:

The guy did not have any common sense to know that law enforcement was obviously eventually going to show up, and be ready to put the gun down.

Aaron Martin says:

Those guys he was fighting with basically pushed him towards the door and got him killed.

Ha ha More ha ha says:

Is that millie vanillie?

Veil says:

Cops really, really fucked up there.

cee dee says:

blue undies is a savage whooped 2 fools and took 4 shots and live through it.

Tina Connor says:

Imagine that..

Rob Vog says:

They went to violence first, then the gun, finally some words, then got shot by the police for not complying.

2Kingz Foreign says:

He definitely had released the weapon on security footage prior to turning towards police they weren’t justified on film by shooting . You tell him to drop it but in turn you all still shot him when visibly nothing was in his hands shit on the body cam clearly it shows that one hand was already up prior to him turning towards the officers .

Where’s the body cam from the officer whom fired the shots tho the original officer that should be numbered #1 you know Telly tubby on the porch

This what happens when the Police Are To Scared after all of them giving orders rather than one of those bright officers setting a designated to be the primary officer… giving the commands

RottieShep CALIBRE says:

Some badass dogs would've defused the situation immediately 🤣 😂

stoner27th says:

yep I can concur this was definitely a plumbers' convention after party bar.

Cody #Warhawk says:

Those cops were way too fast with their guns and shooting the guy. I get they're doing it for their safety, but yikes, they pulled the trigger way too fast on him.

It's just a Dot says:

From Black and Yellow,Here we are are Blue and white😆

JPDunamisLodge says:

Fuck Glad the guy lived.

Keith Clark says:

How u fight and still get shot?

Phaedrus says:

surprisingly cops are quite sensitive to a gun threat…

Jose Vargas says:

Is this another taco place?

James Hartt says:

@15:40☠️ he's going to the bank 💲 he's fighting three guys the cops give him three seconds then shot🤔


Are they all together?Routine

Frank Radcliff says:

I dont blame the cops nor guy who got shot.

MummbaMIESTER says:

White sleeves should be the one paying for any damages. Not good tax paying citizens. If blue undies walked away after being punched and called the cops none of this would have happened. He made the decision to fight back and should not be able to sue.

williss11 says:

Man I'm just glad he survived but he also should have separated the gun parts as soon as he got it. Its so stupid to keep it.

khanart says:

Wow what a bunch of events. I don't even know what to say on this one.

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