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Real Gunfights Are Crazier Than Hollywood

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MacaquitosGames says:

If you didn't get the Wild West Era in the US, no problem, You can come to Brazil and feel that emotion!

Ya Mama says:

I think the good guy did a good job. this a real life situation

Jaxyn Law says:

This happened on my birthday lmao.

Ray Rubia says:

This is why you need more than 7 rounds.

Alex Thunder says:

Probably an assassination attempt on the off duty police officer

jae pae von says:

Brazil's travelers guide: "please have your glock ready when encountering two guys on a motorcycle".

Mike Recoil says:

No more ammo for me to practice shooting!!!!!

dr bichat says:

In some countries 2 persons on a motorcycle is now forbidden

inlovewithi says:

In another Twitter video it says that the off duty was hit 3 times and doing well, and one of the bandits was hit and they were both arrested. In the Twitter video that John posted it says that policemen are being targeted for assassination, which seems to make sense because of how the guy just came out shooting. So perhaps bandit is just a generic word for criminals that Google translate uses. Here's the other Twitter video

Operator 9037 says:

Love those desk pops! My last one was in 98. 🤣

john plaid says:

Great channel. Looks like helmet got hit. Ballistic vest maybe. Seems his opponent also got hit.

joe Davison says:

You have to chase the kind that just come up and start shootin , they will be back

59BigWalt says:

It's a bad move to drive after him, but can you speak to carrying a gun that you are proficient at shooting. I know that it is a practice issue, but the good guy had to close the range of him and the assailant from what, 15ft to danger close. I know CC is a compromise, but could you discuss this next time?

JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz says:

He had a 6 shooter

Mark Hogan says:

That was a hit job

Robert Rubin says:

Any time I see two guys on a motorcycle definitely Brazil

caveman lovesmoke says:

Defender was shot for sure . He had changed his shooting hand from left handed to right and clutched his rib area .

unused used old cheese says:

Bruh the attacker just acting all tough and then he runs away

ViralCompile says:

Why are all his videos from Brazil.

craig parker says:

He needs to go to the range but it’s always difficult when the rabbit has a gun too

Zacki Inu says:

Good narration and lesson.

Ku Klux Klan says:

If live around non whites have to stay extra vigilant

Don Lesley says:

Who knew that safest place to be was in front of a gun

Robert Taylor says:

After watching these videos my hand would probably be on my gun everytime I seen two guys on a bike.

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