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Quick-Thinking Driver Uses His Vehicle

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S Perera says:

South Africa and Brazil, kind of hell to live in

donkey ass reviews and do's says:

'She gone' gas station encounters

Marvin St John says:

guard was in on it or pressureed to be in on it

snookchaser says:

John thank you for bringing daily content to remind us that a Relationship With Jesus and an attitude of self and family defense should be in our daily routine have you seen or heard of the new Owb lock leather holsters by urban carry and do you have an opinion on them don’t want to waste money there are not a lot of reviews on. them and I value your opinion in you have any knowledge on them

Ray Mbuna says:

He didn't rub their car at all. That was a nice move

Scary Terry says:

“rubbing is racing” hell yea brother

Actual Factual says:

Hey ASP? Can we work on Mexico Population for ASP? We want Mexico populace to be armed. Ive just started this campaign….but i know we need it! Please help. Your training in Spanish would get many views…double. Gun manufactureres many sales….ect….we want it all!!! 2nd amendment Mexico 2020!!!

Charles Conway says:

I see the incredibly restrictive gun control laws in South Africa are working just about as well as they do anywhere else. As for rifles, no, I'm not surprised that they are starting to appear as things get more and more unstable in South Africa and Africa as a whole. They are more effective, especially at the ranges we are seeing in these videos, easier to handle by relatively untrained people, and are more intimidating than a pistol.

q_lou92 Jones says:

Dude driving skills still on point but I bet homie is the plug and it's not random

HorusZA says:

Our ANC government made sure there are plenty of AK-47's in circulation… leftover artefacts from The Struggle. That and loads of R5 rifles stolen and otherwise acquired from the SA Police Service.

Art Marquez says:

"Rubbing is racing" I love it John you crack me up. Shout out to the driver. That was nice reverse moves buddy.

Vu Nguyen says:

Damn is that a RS3? 🙁

Liam says:

Let me guess Brazil?

Desmond Wright says:

I live in South Africa it's a shithole this stuff happens all the time the driver is lucky The Robbers didn't just open fire and kill him then drag his body out to take his car because this is what they like to do

Kasey Okay says:

"Rubbing is racing."😂💛 Great maneuver!

Michael Locklear says:

Dude got the heck out of Dodge Quickly all i can say is awesome diving.

X - Tactical says:

Rifles and we're supposed to use strong verbal commands. I just watched a video where a young girl complied and then boom.. still shot point blank after emptying the register.

Steve Miller says:

He didn't touch the other car A+ driving and reaction time …. Might be taking a dirt nap if not ..💯

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