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Quarantine Self Defense Advice | Master Ken

Get your personalized Master Ken video message today! Master Ken advises people how to stay safe and see the advantages of the new way of life the world must now adapt to. As always Ameri-Do-Te comes to the rescue and quarantine self defense is more effective than ever! Get your copy of Master Ken’s book “The Dow of Master Ken”! On Amazon: For a copy autographed by Master Ken himself: Remember you can get Master Ken t-shirts here: Master Ken And book a Master Ken LIVE appearance here: Catch up on Master Ken’s reality show “Enter The Dojo”! Music from “Scattershot” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( Music from “Firebrand” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (


tackyman2011 says:

Coronavirus is BULLSHIT!


That's some good ass advice.

boddyxpolitic says:

Master Ken!!!!
A guy I work with wants to know if you can get Corona virus from sperm?

Everyone says:

The moment when you don't dare to shame someone for vertical video, because you wanna protect your groin.

Rob Babcock says:

Actually, only nine attackers can attack you because you're the tenth!

Todd Starlin says:

Keep it going Ken. We all need this humor right now.

supertotoro says:

Dr. Master Ken.

sinigangsagingsaginisangsinangag baw says:

covid19 virus oviously have 19 groins. but todd has thousands.

the demon5 says:

sorry folks the world is closed

Magi Mystik says:

This video is a Pain in the Groin, But I have to think they'res a "Groin Movie" in it. Called the Monster Groin. Frightens me just to think of it. 🙁

My My says:

Master Ken I can only hope that letting these ads play all the way through of which I force myself to endure is helping to keep your show going … because it is brutal. lol (edit) btw, I'm not talking about the ads that you are the spokesperson, I for sure watch and listen to them intently without any misery.

TomM69 says:

Stay safe Master Ken – look after Matt for us

Koutetsu Jeeg says:

I liked the coughazooka! I will use it next time in a supermarket someone gets too near!

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