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Purse Thief Leaves With Nothing | Active Self Protection

If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond to situations like purse thief leaves with nothing! ASP merch is now in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition ASP polo! NEWS STORIES, MORE INFO: Raw video: News story: If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like purse thief leaves with nothing? or gives the details and benefits. Find a good instructor in your area and get some training: Attitude. Skills. Plan. (music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


D.C. Dave says:

Too bad she didn't break his arm off😕

BodhiZaffa says:

I dont care if I had my baby in my bag, dude starts hacking at me with a knife I am giving up my bag pronto.

Jacob Kenworthy says:

Not carrying a purse is better than training to drop a purse.

Yuvaez says:

No matter what's in the bag, if someone with a knife is holding the other end I'm letting go and getting out of there. Most nasty (common) way to die or get hurt imo

kwoods411 says:

Get a fucking job dude

K Bennett says:

That chick better have had a live baby in that bag to make it worth being stabbed multiple times for…

Num47 says:

Can someone start buying all these criminals a purse for christmas, damn they want one more than women.

glockster68 says:

we have done that in the dojo, drop it so that you can better fight back, fast, and hard…to be a bigger animal than the one attacking you.

Dean Martin says:

It is me or have anyone notice the right gate slowly closing then opening? Its kinda creepy. Anyway, im glad that the woman was okay.

Keith Bond says:

Great narration as always John…Well, there’s certainly no shortage of cowards in this world. I hope that lousy thug gets caught and fries for his evil ways soon!

X Caliber says:

If I see a guy trailing me, Im stopping everything Im doing and give him my attention. Im a man and carry pistol and knife on me all the time so doubt someone would be after me for a purse or bag.

themountaineerWV says:

seriously what a pussy

Gw Gw says:

Most people don't even train to be aware of their surroundings John!

Norin Ali says:

That kick show that this woman was actually a badass babe.

No Name says:

I carry a backpack and keep money in the pocket, i hate wallets cause they're super easy to steal. I don't have anything really valuable with me usually so i'd just let the thief run off with it to find it stacked with art supplies and whatnot lol

Nunya Business says:

Let go of the purse. It's not worth getting 100 stitches over and it's certainly not worth dying for.

Fintan McAteer says:

I'm Irish John. No pepper spray etc allowed in Ireland. No tazer. Nothing. Especially no firearms. I hope that coward gets done for attempted murder.

Louis Nicolo Concepcion says:

Hi big fan of your work, by the way here is a video it might help you add more content

Joe Vazquez says:

Woah John looking slim keep it up John!

TGItsSun says:

John your a legend

Denny says:

Yah great job on the weight loss you look younger 🙂 I recently started watching your vids sry no subs no credit off of other peoples hard ship great job tho. Two many good people out there to pick and choose. 🙂

Adam Adam says:

A purse with a few pounds of C4 with a trigger in the ladies sock would be good. Release the purse and give him enough time to get around the corner. Marvellous

MyGodisYahweh says:

People like that should be Executed without delay.

mikha007 says:

sacrificial bag, get a dog

James says:

The offender looked like a girl!!

Jerel Nabong says:

Have you been losing weight, John? Lookin good

Dallas 2018 says:

It's unfortunate that Ireland does now allow its citizens to defend themselves with guns. The moment she spotted him following her, she could have had a CCW drawn on him. Many of my female friends carry concealed weapons (on their person; not inside the purse) for exactly this type of situation.

IMC IMC says:

The laws of Ireland are similar to the laws in the UK, no guns for protection, no pepper spray allowed, no CS gas allowed, no knife can be carried, so if you get attacked you either have to run, or start praying, but this is Ireland so perhaps a friendly nun might help.

Arthur Andrews says:

If she knew judo she could have done a leg sweep

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