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Psychotic Break Leads To Attack With Pickaxe

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Joe Rodriguez says:

Wow she looks like the sister from the HBO show "Righteous gemstones".

Henry Babcock says:

It's a mattock. A type of pickaxe.

savagemrtn says:

She’s lucky there wasn’t someone in that home looking for some target practice that day, I sure would have.

Mike Brazil says:

She is very lucky she isn't dead !

abochavez says:

I wish more people had the guts to stop and intervene

darkwriter77 says:

Ummmm … yeah, I've got one. Why the hell are people like you allowed to roam freely amongst society instead of being locked up in a mental institution? Ohhhhh, wait. We don't have those anymore … and, clearly, that's been working out soooooo well for everyone…

Evan Stevenson says:

A little half and half, no surprises there.

Split Hoof says:

Perimeter security (tall fence, electric gates, etc.) may have kept this homicidal attacker from breaching the residence. Otherwise, a reasonable person would conclude that deadly force from grandma (who is older, weaker, can’t hide with baby) is appropriate. Disparities of force to me.

Qaib Ej says:

Now victim will think twice when she wants to vote against firearms.

iamgriff says:

She looked pretty good and sexy committing that crime.
I really like the way she asked “questions?” 😂 Then she said I’ll be right back

Gallegaditas TV says:

Imagine if being in the middle of intercourse and the broad has a mental breakdown like this! 😮😮😮

Jeffrey Stayman says:

If this was an off duty cop's house, Jon would have justified him for shooting her while walking up the driveway 3 seconds in. Just a pattern I've noticed.

John jones says:

If it was night and storming this would be the beginning of a horror movie

Xavier Israel says:


Jason Caldwell says:

Why does this remind me of mommy dearest when she's was chopping all the roses in her garden in her Oscar's dress

Nate Park says:

Why all good americans should carry

In Gratitude I Am says:

What social worker would want to take this call without police?

Eddie says:

Whatever justification anyone wants to give this woman is fine, but anyone has a right to protect their family and use deadly force in this exact situation. Especially if the home owner doesn't know the neighbor that well. In a moment like this u don't know who that is, all u see is a person with a pick axe bashing ur windows and u don't know if their intentions are to break in or not.

Anyhow, I'm glad everything turned out okay without anyone getting hurt. I hope that woman's family got her some good help. Best of luck to both parties.

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