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Prepared Defender Takes it to Attackers | Active Self Protection

If you have attitude, skills, and plan like this prepared defender did, you give yourself the best chance to prevail in a deadly force encounter. This prepared defender took it to the attackers, and his example shows us a lot about how to protect ourselves!


Raw: I can’t for the life of me find any better info on this one, so if you have anything please send it my way.

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Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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RockerGuy0001 says:

That nigga in the green shirt look like if his mind is running faster than his legs.

Majed Alotaibi says:

XD fast then a car

зигизмунд пушкин says:

вот это забег с пулей в жопе

twinth says:

Damm that dude was fast tho!

Traitor Hunter says:

NEVER, let them go, they will just come back more experienced and the threat more deadly.

Jason Miller says:

John, PLEASE review this one!

suzarraelizabeth says:

He knew his area and I bet not the first time.

Dylan Thomas Prowse says:

Hi John,

I think footage is from South Africa. Where there are more than ten hi jackings per day. I could be wrong cause I'm drawing on memory of a article I read not too long ago. I live in South Africa.

Jesse Sisolack says:

Something about being shot back at sure put the juice in that fellow's legs because he was OUT of there, ha.

Mohd Azwan says:

Failed assassination attempt.

Dave Convoy says:

Low pants = USA

Will P. says:

It is Brazil !

Edward Wood says:

“No sure exactly where this video…just kidding! It’s Brazil. Welcome back to another episode…”

Lok Tom says:

Gees, that thief actually out run the car.

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